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2016Deposition of hydroxyapatite-incorporated TiO2 coating on titanium using plasma electrolytic oxidation coupled with electrophoretic depositionUlasevich, S.A.; Kulak, A.I.; Poznyak, S.K.; Karpushenkov, S.A.; Lisenkov, A.D.; Skorb, E.V.
2016Aluminum anodization in deionized water as electrolyteLisenkov, A.D.; Poznyak, S.K.; Zheludkevich, M.L.; Ferreira, M.G.S.
2016Substituted azafluorenones: Access from dihalogeno diaryl ketones by palladium-catalyzed auto-tandem processes and evaluation of their antibacterial, antifungal, antimalarial and antiproliferative activitiesMarquise, N.; ChevallierF., Chevallier F.; Nassar, E.; Frederich, M.; Ledoux, A.; Halauko, Y.S.; Ivashkevich, O.A.; Matulis, V.E.; Roisnel, T.; Dorcet, V.; Mongin, F.
2016Self-Assembly of CdSe Nanoplatelets into Stacks of Controlled Size Induced by Ligand ExchangeAntanovichA., Antanovich A.; Prudnikau, A.; Matsukovich, A.; Achtstein, A.; Artemyev, M.
2016P -State Luminescence in CdSe Nanoplatelets: Role of Lateral Confinement and a Longitudinal Optical Phonon BottleneckAchtstein, A.W.; Scott, R.; Kickhofel, S.; Jagsch, S.T.; Christodoulou, S.; Bertrand, G.H.V.; Prudnikau, A.V.; Antanovich, A.; Artemyev, M.; Moreels, I.; Schliwa, A.; Woggon, U.
2016Cyclic voltammetry as a sensitive method for in situ probing of chemical transformations in quantum dotsOsipovich, N.P.; Poznyak, S.K.; Lesnyak, V.; Gaponik, N.
2016Deprotometalation of substituted pyridines and regioselectivity-computed CH acidity relationshipsHedidi, M.; Bentabed-Ababsa, G.; Derdour, A.; Halauko, Y.S.; Ivashkevich, O.A.; Matulis, V.E.; Chevallier, F.; Roisnel, T.; Dorcet, V.; Mongin, F.
2016Temperature dependent radiative and non-radiative recombination dynamics in CdSe-CdTe and CdTe-CdSe type II hetero nanoplateletsScott, R.; Kickhofel, S.; Schoeps, O.; Antanovich, A.; Prudnikau, A.; Chuvilin, A.; Woggon, U.; Artemyev, M.; Achtstein, A.W.
2016Unusual transient absorption dynamics of silver nanoparticles in solutions of carboxylated amine complexionsShevchenko, G.P.; Zhuravkov, V.A.; Tretyak, E.V.; Tikhomirov, S.A.; Buganov, O.V.; Ponyavina, A.N.; Pham, H.M.; Do, H.T.; Pham, V.D.; Nguyen, D.H.
20153D assembly of silica encapsulated semiconductor nanocrystalsRengers, C.; Voitekhovich, S.V.; Kittler, S.; Wolf, A.; Adam, M.; Gaponik, N.; Kaskel, S.; Eychmuller, A.
2015Colloidal synthesis and optical properties of type-II CdSe-CdTe and inverted CdTe-CdSe core-wing heteronanoplateletsAntanovich, A.V.; Prudnikau, A.V.; Melnikau, D.; Rakovich, Y.P.; Chuvilin, A.; Woggon, U.; Achtstein, A.W.; Artemyev, M.V.
2015Distribution of luminescent centers in Ce3+-ion doped amorphous stoichiometric glass BaO-2SiO2 and dedicated glass ceramicsKorjik, M.V.; Vaitkevicius, A.; Dobrovolskas, D.; Tret'Yak, E.V.; Trusova, E.; Tamulaitis, G.
2015Anoformation in doped silicate glass and its fractal dimensionsBulavin, L.A.; Samoilenko, S.O.; Kichanov, S.E.; Kozlenko, D.P.; Ivankov, O.I.; Gurin, V.S.; Rachkovska, G.E.; Zaharevych, G.B.; Islamov, A.K.; Savenko, B.N.
2019Local delivery of temozolomide via a biologically inert carrier (Temodex) prolongs survival in glioma patients, irrespectively of the methylation status of MGMTKarlsson, I.; Veevnik, D.; Fedulov, A.; Yurkshtovich, N.; Yurkshtovich, T.; Pejler, G.; Lokot, I.
2019Photocurrent Switching on Electrophoretic CdSe QD Electrodes with Different LigandsAniskevich, Y.; Malashchonak, M.; Antanovich, A.; Prudnikau, A.; Ragoisha, G.; Streltsov, E.
2019Size-dependent exciton substructure in CdSe nanoplatelets and its relation to photoluminescence dynamicsSpecht, J. F.; Scott, R.; Corona Castro, M.; Christodoulou, S.; Bertrand, G. H. V.; Prudnikau, A. V.; Antanovich, A.; Siebbeles, L. D. A.; Owschimikow, N.; Moreels, I.; Artemyev, M.; Woggon, U.; Achtstein, A. W.; Richter, M.
2019A comparative study demonstrates strong size tunability of carrier-phonon coupling in CdSe-based 2D and 0D nanocrystalsScott, R.; Prudnikau, A.V.; Antanovich, A.; Christodoulou, S.; Riedl, T.; Bertrand, G.H.V.; Owschimikow, N.; Lindner, J.K.N.; Hens, Z.; Moreels, I.; Artemyev, M.; Woggon, U.; Achtstein, A.W.
2019Перспективы использования триблок-сополимеров SIBS в кардиохирургии: in vitro и in vivo исследование в сравнении с ePTFРезвова, М. А.; Овчаренко, Е. А.; Никишев, П. А.; Костюк, С. В.; Антонова, Л. В.; Акентьева, Т. Н.; Глушкова, Т. В.; Великанова, Е. Г.; Шишкова, Д. К.; Кривкина, Е. О.; Клышников, К. Ю.; Кудрявцева, Ю. А.; Барбараш, Л. С.
2018Cationic Polymerization of Isobutylene and C4 Mixed Feed Using Complexes of Lewis Acids with Ethers: A Comparative StudyShiman, D.I.; Berezianko, I.A.; Vasilenko, I.V.; Kostjuk, S.V.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 84