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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Extrinsic Geometry and Linear Differential EquationsDoubrov, Boris; Machida, Yoshinori; Morimoto, Tohru
2022On Some Scientific Results of the 15th International Conference PRIP-2021Ablameyko, S. V.; Gurevich, I. B.; Krasnoproshin, V. V.; Tuzikov, A.; Yashina, V. V.
2021Homogeneous Levi non-degenerate hypersurfaces in C3Doubrov, Boris; Medvedev, Alexandr; The, Dennis
2021Estimation of People Movement in Video Based on Optical Flow Block Method and Motion MapsChen, H.; Bohush, R. P.; Chen, Ch.; Ablameyko, S. V.
2022Detection of human body parts on the image using the neural networks and the attention modelSorokina, V. V.; Ablameyko, S. V.
2022Excess mortality in Belarus during the COVID-19 pandemic as the case study of a country with limited non-pharmaceutical interventions and limited reportingKirpich, A.; Shishkin, A.; Weppelmann, T.A.; Tchernov, A.P.; Skums, P.; Gankin, Y.
2020Person Tracking and Reidentification for Multicamera Indoor Video Surveillance SystemsYe, S.; Bohush, R. P.; Chen, H.; Zakharava, I. Yu.; Ablameyko, S. V.
2021Transportation dynamics of dielectric particles with the gradient forces in the field of orthogonal standing laser wavesAfanas'ev, A. A.; Volkov, V. M.; Kurochkin, Yu. A.; Novitsky, D. V.
2021Intelligent mining of urban ventilation corridors based on high‐precision oblique photographic imagesChen, C.; Ye, Sh.; Bai, Z.; Juan, W.; Zongbiao, Z.; Ablameyko, S.
2020Video-Based Content Recognition of Bank Cards with Mobile DevicesChen, H.; Ye, S.; Kurilovich, A.; Bohush, R.; Ablameyko, S.
2020Homogeneous Integrable Legendrian Contact Structures in Dimension FiveDoubrov, Boris; Medvedev, Alexandr; The, Dennis
2020An approximate solution of one singular integro-differential equation using the method of orthogonal polynomialsRasolko, G.A.; Sheshko, S.M.
2016Concurrency in electrical neuroinformatics: Parallel computation for studying the volume conduction of brain electrical fields in human head tissuesSalman, A.; Malony, A.; Turovets, S.; Volkov, V.; Ozog, D.; Tucker, D.
2015Some model theory of modules over Bézout domains: The widthPuninski, G.; Toffalori, C.
2019Determination of blood flow characteristics in eye vessels in video sequenceChen, C.; Ye, S.; Chen, H.; Nedzvedz, A.; Ablameyko, S.; Nedzvedz, O.
2019Traffic extreme situations detection in video sequences based on integral optical flowChen, H.; Ye, S.; Nedzvedz, A.; Nedzvedz, O.; Lv, H.; Ablameyko, S.
2018On a Class of Hermite Interpolation Polynomials for Nonlinear Second Order Partial Differential OperatorsYanovich, L. A.; Ignatenko, M. V.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17