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2003A semiclassical approach to Coulomb scattering of conduction electrons on ionized impurities in nondegenerate semiconductorsPoklonski, N. A.; Vyrko, S. A.; Yatskevich, V. I.; Kocherzhenko, A. A.
2016A Study of Defects and Impurities in Doped Detonation Nanodiamonds by EPR, Raman Scattering, and XRD MethodsDolmatov, V. Yu.; Lapchuk, N. M.; Lapchuk, T. M.; Nguyen, B. T. T.; Myllymäki, V.; Vehanen, A.; Yakovlev, R. Yu.
2013AA stacking, tribological and electronic properties of double-layer graphene with krypton spacerPopov, A. M.; Lebedeva, I. V.; Knizhnik, A. A.; Lozovik, Yu. E.; Potapkin, B. V.; Poklonski, N. A.; Siahlo, A. I.; Vyrko, S. A.
1-Jan-2023Accumulation of Tritium and Other Undesirable β-Emitting Radionuclides in the Production of Radiopharmaceuticals for PET DiagnosticsBrinkevich, S. D.; Brinkevich, D. I.; Kiyavitskaya, H. I.; Kiyko, A.N.
2021Adhesion of Irradiated Diazoquinone–Novolac Photoresist Films to Single-Crystal SiliconVabishchevich, S. A.; Brinkevich, S. D.; Vabishchevich, N. V.; Brinkevich, D. I.; Prosolovich, V. S.
2019Chapter 9. Electron transport in the assemblies of multiwall carbon nanotubesSamuilov, V.; Galibert, J.; Poklonski, N.
2019Comparison of HPHT and LPHT annealing of Ib synthetic diamondKazuchits, N. M.; Rusetsky, M. S.; Kazuchits, V. N.; Korolik, O. V.; Kumar, V.; Moe, K. S.; Wang, W.; Zaitsev, A. M.
2021Computational insights into structural, electronic, and optical properties of Janus GeSO monolayerDo, T.-N.; Hieu, N. N.; Poklonski, N. A.; Binh, N. T. T.; Nguyen, C. Q.; Hien, N. D.
2021Curie–Weiss behavior of the low-temperature paramagnetic susceptibility of semiconductors doped and compensated with hydrogen-like impuritiesPoklonski, N. A.; Dzeraviaha, A. N.; Vyrko, S. A.; Zabrodskii, A. G.; Veinger, A. I.; Semenikhin, P. V.
2023DC hopping photoconductivity via three-charge-state point defects in partially disordered semiconductorsPoklonski, N. A.; Anikeev, I. I.; Vyrko, S. A.
2021Design of Peltier element based on semiconductors with hopping electron transfer via defectsPoklonski, N. A.; Vyrko, S. A.; Kovalev, A. I.; Anikeev, I. I.; Gorbachuk, N. I.
2020Detonation nanodiamonds: New aspects in the theory and practice of synthesis, properties and applicationsDolmatov, Valery Yu.; Ozerin, Alexander N.; Kulakova, Inna I.; Bochechka, Oleksandr O.; Lapchuk, Natalia M.; Myllymaki, Vesa; Vehanen, Asko
2021Dispersion of magnetic susceptibility as a factor of homogeneity and stability of detonation synthesis nanodiamondsDolmatov, V. Yu.; Oleshkevich, A. N.; Thi Thanh Binh Nguyen; Sambuu, Munkhtsetseg; Lapchuk, N.M.
2019Diffraction diamond grating formed by silver-ion mask implantationStepanov, A. L.; Nuzhdin, V. I.; Kazuchits, N. M.; Valeev, V. F.
2023DLTS-спектроскопия радиационных дефектов в облученных ионами гелия структурах Al/Si3N4/n-SiГорбачук, Н. И.; Поклонский, Н. А.; Ермакова, Е. А.; Шпаковский, С. В.; Ломако, В. М.
2018Drift-diffusion model of hole migration in diamond crystals via states of valence and acceptor bandsPoklonski, N. A.; Vyrko, S. A.; Kovalev, A. I.; Dzeraviaha, A. N.
2020Effect of Ion Implantation on the Adhesion of Positive Diazoquinone-Novolak Photoresist Films to Single-Crystal SiliconVabishchevich, S.A.; Brinkevich, S.D.; Prosolovich, V.S.; Vabishchevich, N.V.; Brinkevich, D.I.
2018Effect of neutron irradiation on the hydrogen state in CVD diamond filmsKhomich, A. A.; Dzeraviaha, A. N.; Poklonskaya, O. N.; Khomich, A. V.; Khmelnitsky, R. A.; Poklonski, N. A.; Ralchenko, V. G.
2018Effect of neutron irradiation on the hydrogen state in CVD diamond filmsKhomich, A. A.; Dzeraviaha, A. N.; Poklonskaya, O. N.; Khomich, A. V.; Khmelnitsky, R. A.; Poklonski, N. A.; Ralchenko, V. G.
2011Effect of Peierls transition in armchair carbon nanotube on dynamical behaviour of encapsulated fullerenePoklonski, N. A.; Vyrko, S. A.; Kislyakov, E. F.; Hieu, N. N.; Bubel, O. N.; Popov, A. M.; Lozovik, Yu. E.; Knizhnik, A. A.; Lebedeva, I. V.; Viet, N. A.