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2003. Chemical problems of the development of new materials and technologies. Issue 1. : [17] Collection home page

В сборнике статей представлены основные результаты исследований, выполненных в Учреждении Белорусского государственного университета "Научно-исследовательский институт физико-химических проблем" в течение последних пяти лет.

Адресован научным и инженерно-техническим работникам,деятельность которых связана с созданием новых материалов и технологий, а также преподавателям, аспирантам и студентам магистратуры и химических специальностей вузов.

Chemical problems of the development of new materials and technologies : collection of papers. Issue 1.

/ под редакцией О. А. Ивашкевича. - Минск : БГУ, 2003. - 375 с.

ISBN 985-485-041-2

Editorial board:

O. A. Ivashkevich, G. A. Branitsky, G. Y. Kabo, F. N. Kaputskii, L. P. Krul, A. I. Kulak, A. I. Lesnikovich, Yu. V. Nechepurenko, S K Rakhmanov.


academician of NASB V. S. Soldatov, corresponding member of NASB V. E. Agabekov.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17
PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Chemical problems of the development of new materials and technologies. Issue 1.-
2003Ion Association Effects of Lipophilic Quaternary Ammonium Salts in Ion-Exchange and Potentiometric SelectivityEgorov, V. V.; Rakhman'ko, E. M.
2003Lewis acid complexes: synthesis and application in polymerization processesKostyuk, S. V.; Lesnyak, V. P.; Gaponik, L. V.; Mardykin, V. P.; Kaputskii, F. N.
2003Non-traditional solutions of cellulose and it's derivatives and their processing productsGrinshpan, D. D.; Savitskaya, T. A.; Tsygankova, N. G.
2003Multifunctionality of nitrogen oxide compounds as a basis for preparation of practically important cellulose materialsKaputskii, F. N.; Gert, E. V.; Torgashov, V. I.; Shishonok, M. V.; Zubets, O. V.
2003Perovskite-related oxide materials for oxygen-permeable electrochemical membransNaumovich, E. N.; Yaremchenko, A. A.; Viskup, A. P.; Kharton, V. V.
2003Preparation and investigation of the heterogeneous systems, containing highly dispersed componentsLesnikovich, A. I.; Vorobyova, S. A.
2003Tetrazoles: Synthesis, Structures, Physico-Chemical Properties and ApplicationGaponik, P. N.; Ivashkevich, J. A.
2003Investigation of thermodynamic properties of organic substancesKabo, G. J.; Blokhin, A. V.; Kabo, A. G.
2003Gas-sensitive properties of oxide systems based on ln203 and Sn02 obtained by sol-gel technologyIvanovskaya, M. I.; Kotsikau, D. A.; Orlik, D. R.
2003Potentiodynamic electrochemical impedance spectroscopyRagoisha, G. A.; Bondarenko, A. S.
2003Silica sol-gel materials with metal and semiconductor nanoparticles: synthesis, structure and optical featuresGurin, V. S.; Alexeenko, A. A.
2003Ion implantation in polymers: chemical aspectsSviridov, D. V.
2003Electronic structure and catalytic properties of oxide semiconductors modified with fine metal particlesKulak, A. I.; Streltsov, E. A.; Sviridov, D. V.
2003Semiconductor nanocrystals inside spherical microcavities: A case of quantum dots in photonic dotsArtemyev, M. V.
2003Electroless deposition and Electroplating of MetalsSviridov, V. V.; Gaevskaya, T. V.; Stepanova, L. I.; Vorobyova, T. N.
2003Research Institute for Physical Chemical Problems of the Belarusian State University celebrates the 25th anniversaryIvashkevich, О. A.; Nechepurenko, Yu. V.; Rakhmanov, S. K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17