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2010Nonparametric analysis of stochastic systems with nonlinear functional heterogeneityMalugin, V. I.; Vasilkov, M. E.
2010Optimal predictions of powers of conditionally heteroskedastic processesFrancq, C.; Zakoian, J.-M.
2010Fuzzy Bayesian inferenceViertl, R.
2010On the joint distribution of precedences and exceedances for the two-sample problemStoimenova E. E.; Balakrishnan, N.
2010Robust estimation of a correlation coefficient: an attempt of surveyShevlyakov, G. L.; Smirnov, P. O.
2010Exploring compositional data with the coda-dendrogramPawlowsky-Glahn, V.; Egozcue, J. J.
2010Three scatter matrices and independent subspace analysisNordhausen, K.; Oja, H.
2010Models for underreporting: a Bernoulli sampling approach for reported countsNeubauer, G.; Duras, G.; Friedl, H.
2010Testing the effect of covariates in life time models under censoringLiero, H.
2010Goodness-of-fit test based on local maximaKharitonova, N. A.; Khil, E. V.; Zubkov, A. M.
2010Statistical analysis of high-order Markov chains with partial connectionsKharin, Yu. S.; Piatlitski, A. I.
2010Supervised classification of the scalar Gaussian random field observationDucinskas, K.; Dreiziene, L.
2010An application of the choleskized multivariate distributions for constructing inflation «fan charts»Charemza, W. W.; Makarova, S.; Jelonek, P.
2010Computer data analysis in metamodelingBernstein, A. V.; Kuleshov, A. P.
2010Fitting finite mixture models to censored dataFriedl, H.; Booth, J.
2010Multivariate outlier detection with compositional dataFilzmoser, P.; Hron, K.
2010Graphical and numerical analysis of spatial data with a GUI and RDutter, R.
2010Automatic nonparametric signal filtrationDobrovidov, A. V.; Koshkin, G. M.
2010Econometric approach to the assessing of production potential of a company accounting for human capitalAivazian, S.; Afanasiev, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19