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2010Efficiency assessment of the rule and model bases in decision support systemsZhelezko, B. A.; Siniavskaya, O. A.
2010Macroeconometric modeling and forecasting of the Belarusian economyKravtsov, M. K.; Bareika, N. M.; Burdyka, V. I.
2010Spatial clustering in rare diseases and its use for childhood leukemiaAbramovich, M. S.; Anishchanka, S. V.; Anishchanka, A. V.; Savva, N. N.
2010Russian banks probability of default models: money laundering vs. financial insolvencyPeresetsky, A. A.
2010Hepoclan - a software tool for heuristic possibilistic clusteringDamaratski, A.; Juodelis, A.; Novikau, D.; Viattchenin, D. A.
2010Tail properties of Pearson statistics distributionsFilina, M. V.; Zubkov, A. M.
2010On finding the fundamental matrix of finite state homogeneous Markov chains in special caseGaiduk, A. N.
2010Analysis of tests for randomness based on universal predictors: Bernoulli trials caseKostevich, A. L.; Shilkin, A. V.
2010Search of possible reading frame shifts in genesKorotkov, E.
2010On statistical hypotheses testing of embeddingKharin, Yu. S.; Vecherko, E. V.
2010Contamination models in the R package simFrame for statistical simulationAlfons, A.; Templ, M.; Filzmoser, P.
2010On a multivariate homogeneity test based on one-class support vector machinesChistiakov, S. P.
2010Investigation of some criteria for detection of variance shift and nonrandomness in a sequence of observations under various distribution laws and sample sizesVolkova, V.; Tronina, A.; Pogorelova, T.
2010Computer modeling of the reliability of functionally complex systemSukach, E. I.; Maslovich, S. F.; Girust, P. V.; Ratobylskay, D. V.
2010Computer analysis of a cyclic service algorithm with varying durationsZorine, A. V.
2010Allophone segmentation by cepstra statisticsBarabanov, A. E.; Moskalevich, P.
2010Dimension reduction as a part of function approximation problemBernstein, A. V.; Burnaev, E. V.; Belyaev, M. G.; Prihodko, P. V.
2010Approximation of multidimensional dependency based on an expansion in parametric functions from the dictionaryBurnaev, E. V.; Belyaev, M. G.; Prihodko, P. V.
2010Model selection in function approximation problem based on statistical learning theoryBurnaev, E. V.; Belyaev, M. G.
2010Local limit theorem for a/2-type statistic in internet graphsCheplyukova, I. A.; Pavlov, Yu. L.