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2010Airport airspace traffic simulation research systemAlexandrov, V. V.; Sikachevc, V. Y.
2010Application of a Monte-Carlo method for search of the reading frame shifts in DNA coding sequencesRudenko, V. M.; Korotkov, E. V.
2010Identification of a speaker positionBarabanov, A. E.; Grusha, A.
2010Heuristic possibilistic clustering and switching regressionViattchenin, D. A.
2010On the using of econometric models in the credit scoring systemsMalugin, V. I.; Hryn, N. V.
2010Structurally resolved stochastic simulation model of actin polymerizationChukhutsina, V. V.; Halavatyi, A. A.; Yatskou, M. M.; Friederich, E.; Apanasovich, V. V.
2010A model of the interbank interest rate and its application in liquidity management by the national bank of BelarusMiksjuk, A.
2010A goodness-of-fit test for uniform distribution on a finite groupKruglov, V. I.
2010Generalised mathematical model for interpretation of frap experimentsHalavatyi, A. A.; Yatskou, M. M.; Apanasovich, V. V.; Friederich, E.
2010Intensity distribution analysis in fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy with a two-dimensional brightness profileShingaryov, I. P.; Skakun, V. V.; Apanasovich, V. V.
2010Macroeconometric modeling and forecasting of the Belarusian economyKravtsov, M. K.; Bareika, N. M.; Burdyka, V. I.
2010Statistical analysis and optimization in the process/device/circuit/system microelectronics designKuleshov, A.; Nelayev, V.; Stempitsky, V.
2010New approaches and improved tests in mathematics using computer technologyRakhimov, G.; Ibragimova, N.; Rihsieva, U.; Rakhimova, M.
2010Dimension reduction as a part of function approximation problemBernstein, A. V.; Burnaev, E. V.; Belyaev, M. G.; Prihodko, P. V.
2010Invariant approximation and its application for integration of data-domain knowledge into metamodelsKuleshov, A. P.; Bernstein, A. V.; Burnaev, E. V.
2010Model selection in function approximation problem based on statistical learning theoryBurnaev, E. V.; Belyaev, M. G.
2010Russian banks probability of default models: money laundering vs. financial insolvencyPeresetsky, A. A.
2010Software support for automatically generated proceduresVetrov, D. E.; Chernova, O.
2010The original classification algorithm for the improvement of regression models for the purpose of taxationKornoushenko, E. K.; Lobko, A. A.
2010Profile statistics for sparse contingency tablesRadavicius, M.; Samusenko, P.