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30-Jan-2023Structure of Ag-Containing Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films, Obtained by Spray PyrolysisZgliui, A. A.; Tivanov, A. A.; Curmei, N. N.; Dermenji, L. V.; Bruc, L. I.; Serban, D. A.
2023Structural and optical properties of SbxSey thin films obtained by chemical molecular beam deposition method from Sb and Se precursorsRazykov, T.M.; Bekmirzoev, J.; Bosio, A.; Ergashev, B.A.; Isakov, D.; Khurramov, R.; Kouchkarov, K.M.; Makhmudov, M.A.; Romeo, A.; Romeo, N.; Tivanov, M.S.; Utamuradova, S.B.; Bayko, D.S.; Lyashenko, L.S.; Korolik, O.V.; Mavlonov, A.A.
2023Effect of morphology on the phonon thermal conductivity in Si/Ge superlattice nanowiresKhaliava, I.I.; Khamets, A.L.; Safronov, I.V.; Filonov, A.B.; Suemasu, T.; Migas, D.B.
2023Orientation and size effects on phonon thermal conductivity in silicon/germanium multilayer structuresKhamets, A.L.; Khaliava, I.I.; Safronov, I.V.; Filonov, A.B.; Migas, D.B.
2023Composition and Structure of NiCoFeCr and NiCoFeCrMn High-Entropy Alloys Irradiated by Helium IonsAmanzhulov, Bauyrzhan; Ivanov, Igor; Uglov, Vladimir; Zlotski, Sergey; Ryskulov, Azamat; Kurakhmedov, Alisher; Koloberdin, Mikhail; Zdorovets, Maxim
2023Magnetic and Optical Properties of Natural Diamonds with Subcritical Radiation Damage Induced by Fast NeutronsPoklonski, N.A.; Khomich, A.A.; Svito, I.A.; Vyrko, S.A.; Poklonskaya, O.N.; Kovalev, A.I.; Kozlova, M.V.; Khmelnitskii, R.A.; Khomich, A.V.; Uglov, V.
2023Ion thruster accelerator grid erosion mechanism under extreme conditions of cylindrical erosion and chamfer erosionXIA, Guangqing; LI, Jiahui; LU, Chang; GENG, Hai; SAETCHNIKOV, Vladimir A.; LI, Juan; WANG, Yanlong
2020Structural properties and oxidation resistance of ZrN/SiNx, CrN/SiNx and AlN/SiNx multilayered films deposited by magnetron sputtering techniqueSaladukhin, Ihar; Abadias, Gregory; Uglov, Vladimir; Zlotski, Sergey; van Vuuren, Arno Janse; O'Connell, Jacques Herman
24-Oct-2021Intelligent optical microresonator imaging sensor for early stage classification of dynamical variationsSaetchnikov, Anton V; Tcherniavskaia, Elina. A.; Saetchnikov, Vladimir A.; Ostendorf, Andreas
Jun-2021Multiresonator imaging sensor for the aerial parameters detectionSaetchnikov, Anton V; Tcherniavskaia, Elina. A.; Saetchnikov, Vladimir A.; Ostendorf, Andreas
Jun-2021Object detection for unmanned aerial vehicle camera via convolutional neural networksSaetchnikov, Ivan.V; Tcherniavskaia, Elina. A.; Skakun, Victor.V.
2016Response to “The Mössbauer rotor experiment and the general theory of relativity” by C. CordaKholmetskii, A.L.; Yarman, T.; Yarman, O.; Arik, M.
2015Design of Deterministic Model of Signal Transduction between Neuronal CellsHliatsevich, M.A.; Bulai, P.M.; Pitlik, T.N.; Denisov, A.A.; Cherenkevich, S.N.
2019Microstructural studies of ultrarapidly quenched foils of zinc-doped indium–tin eutectic alloysShepelevich, V.G.; Gusakova, O.V.; Koukharenko, E.L.
2019Radiation field of an ideal thin Gaussian bunch moving in a periodic conducting wire structureGalyamin, S.N.; Vorobev, V.V.; Benediktovitch, A.
2018Bulk Photoemission from Plasmonic Nanoantennas of Different ShapesIkhsanov, R.S.; Novitsky, Andrey V.; Protsenko, I.E.; Uskov, A.V.
2018Geometrothermodynamics of a gravitating system with axially symmetric metricGrushevskaya, H.V.; Krylova, N.G.
2018Fluorescent nanoparticles for the guided surgery of ovarian peritoneal carcinomatosisMangeolle, T.; Yakavets, I.; Marchal, S.; Debayle, M.; Pons, T.; Bezdetnaya, L.; Marchal, F.
2018Second law of thermodynamics is ingrained within quantum mechanicsYarman, T.; Kholmetskii, A.; Yarman, O.; Arik, M.; Yarman, F.
2017Spontaneous emission in a quantum system driven by a resonant field beyond the rotating wave approximationFeranchuk, I.D.; Leonau, A.U.; Eskandari, M.M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 165