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2019. Volume 22. Number 4 : [13] Collection home page

NPCS Vol.22, no.4 (2019), pp. 311-412

ISSN 1561-4085

Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Infinite Process of Forward and Backward Bifurcations in the Logistic Equation with Two DelaysKashchenko, I.; Kaschenko, S.
2019Experimental Minimization of Power Absorption in Chaotic SynchronizationBuscarino, A.; Famoso, C.; Fortuna, L.; Frasca, M.
2019Electrostatic Cumulation at Relativistic EnergiesAnishchenko, S. V.; Baryshevsky, V. G.; Gurinovich, A. A.
2019Periodic System of Fullerenes: the Column of Three-Fold SymmetryMelker, A. I.; Krupina, M. A.; Zarafutdinov, R. M.
2019Hybrid Neural Network Model for Protection of Dynamic Cyber InfrastructureKalinin, M.; Demidov, R.; Zegzhda, P.
2019An Approximate Model of the Process of Non-Dendritic Morphology Formation in Solidification of Binary Melt under StirringLebedinsky, Yu. A.; Branovitsky, A. M.; Dement’ev, V. A.
2019Influence of Rotation on Crystallization Process of Aluminum Melt with Reinforcing AdmixturesDurnev, M. A.; Eidelman, E. D.
2019Dynamics of Nonlinear Processes of Corrosion of Non-Nikel Titanium Shape Memory AlloyKolmakov, A. G.; Nasakina, E. O.; Sevostyanov, M. A.; Konushkin, S. V.; Sergiyenko, K. V.; Kheifetz, M. L.
2019Clinical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Use of Laser Photodynamic Therapy in Complex Treatment of Periodontal DiseasesNaumovich, S. A.; Kuvshinov, A. V.; Plavski, V. J.
2019Application of Fractal Methods to Ensure the Cyber-Resilience of Self-Organizing NetworksIvanov, D. V.; Moskvin, D. A.
2019Evolution of Colour in QCD and Informational Approach to Quantum MeasurementKuvshinov, V. I.; Bagashov, E. G.
2019The Triple Anomalous Gauge Couplings Investigation on Linear e -ColliderShershan, I. A.; Shishkina, T. V.
2019Strange Quark Matter as Dark MatterTerazawa, H.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13