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2019Frequencies of coloring phenotypes of synanthropic urban pigeon (columba livia f.urbana) in regional cities of BelarusHandogiy, I.
2019Heavy metal hyperaccumulators and the development of urban soil remediation strategiesZhuravkov, Y.; Bondarchik, R.; Kovaliov, V.; Goncharova, N.
2019ExoskeletonKirukhin, I.; Krasovsky, V.
2019Internet marketing in social networksKirukhin, I.; Lepskaya, N.
2019The problem of the influence of alternative energy sources: ecology and manKhamitsevich, A.; Lepskaya, N.
2019Resistance of lakes of Belarus to eutrophication in the conditions of variable climateSukhovilo, N.
2019Statistical analysis of quality of treatment of cervical cancer by method of combined radiation therapy in state institution “N. N. Alexandrov national cancer center of Belarus”Shturo, I.; Chikova, T.
2019Features of application of the Amdahl’s law and the Gustafson – Barsis’s law for the evaluation of the maximum speedup of computations in forecasting of radionuclide’s spatial migration in natural disperse environmentShalkevich, P.; Kundas, S.
2019Assessment of radioactive impact on individual objects of the biota on the level of contamination in different types of lakesChuholskiy, A.; Pashuk, M.
2019Ethical aspects of radiological protectionBrinkevich, A.; Tushin, N.; Belkov, G.
2019Quantum-chemical calculation and synthesis of new anthraquinone compounds for biological applicationsDrachilovskaya, M.
2019Betula pendula Roth pollen as a bioindicator of the pollution degree in urban areasKhokh, A.
2019Responsible сhoice of light bulbs equals help to nature and menKarnatsevich, R.; Karnatsevich, I.
2019Content estimation of organic substances in the ambient air of the Sterlitamak city in 2010–2012Kulakova, E.; Safarov, A.
2019Comparative analysis of the anatomometric indicators of Scots pine needles in different types of forestsKhokh, A.
2019Using near infrared spectroscopy to determine the scots pine place of growthKhokh, A.
2019The study of the optical properties of blood in the conditions of a laboratory work in medical physics-
2019Forest ecosystems’ impact on the carbon balanceKankova, V.; Narkevitch, I.
2019Wetland birds of Minsk as a potential focus of cercariosisLazavy, O.; Khandohiy, A.; Gomel, K.
2019Method development for determination of pharmaceutical waste in water by UV-Vis spectroscopyLobova, E.; Pytlyak, E.; Chikova, T.; Savastenko, N.