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2019Rationing and control of skin, hands and feet irradiationBlagodarova, Y.; Tushin, N.
2019Influence of the Kopyl branch of OJSC “Slutsk cheese-making plant” on the Mazha RiverBarkovskaya, A.; Kalinin, M.
2019Effectiveness of prenatal diagnostics of congenital development disorders in the Republic of Belarus according to the data of the Belarusian registerChirlina, S.; Ershova-Pavlova, A.; Kokorina, N.
2019Patterns of cadmium and lithium ions effect on yeast cellsAfonin, A.; Lyapunova, E.; Komarova, I.
2019DRD2 gene as a marker of stress-resistanceYanchuck, E.; Mosse, I.; Drozdov, I.
2019Chemical mixing systemAstreyko, A.; Lefanova, I.
2019Antioxidant activity of dairy mixtures for child nutritionYushkevich, M.; Tarun, E.
2019Theoretical model of physisorption effect of co on Coniine and Furanocoumarins for air purificationCheplya, V.; Shahab, S.; Murashko, M.
2019Complement system as a biomarket of cardiovascular diseasesVolodashchik, T.
2019Assessment of the environmental situation in the port cities of NSRChepliaeva, P.
2019Intelligent monitoringYakshevich, S.; Piatnitsa, D.; Lipnitskiy, L.
2019The carcinogenic effect of benzapirene as a substance in the composition of exhaust gases of carsKurilyak, M.
2019The effect of culture fluid and structural components of micelium phallus impudicus L. on the proliferative activity of lymphocytesLabai, M.; Ikonnikova, N.; Lobatyuk, A.; Karaman, M.; Marić, J.; Rakić, M.
2019Molecular genetic diagnostics as a method for determining the carriage of bacterial pathogens infections into wild waterfowl birdsGrinek, A.; Tchaikovsky, A.
2019Antioxidant activity characteristics of the ganoderma lu-cidum sporocarps extractLyamtseva, A.; Chubarova, A.
2019Iinfluence of the mineral composition of water on human healthKurilyak, M.
2019Basis of pathological changes in the organismexcess and lack of fluorine in drinking water as theKurilyak, M.
2019Lymphocyt-stimulating activity of human peripheral blood mononuclears in the presence of phallus impudicus L extractsLabai, M.; Ikonnikova, N.; Karaman, M.; Marić, J.
2019Analysis of the level of physical aggression in teenagers depending on the choice of a computer gameKozelko, N.
2019Development of an interactive methodological guide on histology using computer technologies in the ISEI BSUKunkevich, A.; Lozinskaya, О.