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2012Fundamental and Applied NanoElectroMagnetics. FANEM-2012 : Conference proceedings, May 22-25, 2012, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus-
2012From nanophotonic devices to nanophotonic integrated circuits: advances and challenges in development of scalable simulation approachesMingaleev, S.; Sokolov, E.; Simonov, A.; Arellano, C.; Koltchanov, I.; Richter, A.
2012Cluster Embedding Method for Quantum-Chemical Simulation of NanodevicesShidlovskaya, E.
2012Concept of photonic density of states in nanoelectromagnetics: theory and applicationsSlepyan, G.
2012Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene as Terahertz Emitters and DetectorsPortnoi, M.; Hartmann, R.; Kibis, O.; Rosenau da Costa, M.
2012SeIf AmpIified Spontaneous Emission in carbon nanotubes and grapheneBatrakov, K.; Kuzhir, P.; Voronovich, S.
2012Simulation of Electromagnetic Properties in CNT and Graphene Based NanostructuresShunin, Yu.; Zhukovskii, Yu.; Burlutskaya, N.; Lobanova-Shunina, T.; Gopeyenko, V.; Bellucci, S.
2012Non-plasmonic hyperthermia: prerequisites for realization and materialsPostnikov, A.; Moldosanov, K.
2012Elasticity at the nanoscopic scaleLambin, P.
2012A simple way for the passive THz imagingMoldosanov, K.; Lelevkin, V.
2012Surface plasmon resonance in silver nanoparticles formed in polyimide by ion implantationKharchenko, A.; Bumai, Y.; Dolgikh, N.; Lukashevich, M.; Valeev, V.; Khaibullin, R.; Odzhaev, V.
2012Electromagnetic properties of thermoplastic polymer composites containing carbon nanoparticles in frequency range 10 MHz -1.5 ThzSuslyaev, V.; Zhuravlev, V.; Korovin, E.; Dorozkin, K.; Mazov, I.; Moseenkov, S.; Kuznetsov, V.; Romanenko, A.
2012Effect of annealing and biaxial deformation on the dielectric properties of composites of multiwall carbon nanotubes and poly(ethylene terephthalate)Urvakis, M.; Kupreviciute, A.; Banys, J.; Macutkevic, J.; Mayoral, B.; McNally, T.
2012Carbon nanotubes as a new material for the purification of alcohol-containing liquidsZaporotskova, I.; Polikarpova, N.; Ermakova, T.; Polikarpov, D.
2012Investigation of the interaction of carbon nanotubes and the most commonly used polymersKrutoyarov, A.
2012Interaction of Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays with the Electromagnetic Radiation of the 78-118 GHz Frequency RangePrudnikava, A.; Bogush, V.; Molodechkin, M.; Shulitski, B.; Danilyuk, A.; Prischepa, S.; Labunov, V.
2012Glasses with PbS and PbSe nanoparticles as saturable absorbers for mode-locked solid state lasersGurin, V.; Rachkovskaya, G.; Zakharevich, G.; Yumashev, K.; Loiko, P.
2012BC3 nanotubes: electronic and structural propertiesZaporotskova, I.; Boroznin, S.; Perevalova, E.
2012Effect of buckypaper properties on attenuation of electromagnetic radiationKomarov, F.; Krivosheev, R.; Munoz, E.; Rodionova, V.; Ismailova, G.; Parchomova, I.
2012Local field effects and interference quenching of light in planar plasmonic nanostructuresKachan, S.; Ponyavina, A.