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2012Fundamental and Applied NanoElectroMagnetics. FANEM-2012 : Conference proceedings, May 22-25, 2012, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus-
2012Local field effects and interference quenching of light in planar plasmonic nanostructuresKachan, S.; Ponyavina, A.
2012Dynamical diffraction theory of waves in photonic crystals built from anisotropically scattering elementsBaryshevsky, V.; Gurnevich, E.
2012Size and temperature dependence of the surface plasmon resonance in silver nanoparticlesYeshchenko, O.; Dmitruk, I.; Alexeenko, A.; Kotko, A.; Verdal, J.; Pinchuk, A.
2012Surface enhanced spectroscopy in science and medicineDovbeshko, G.
2012Graphene quantum dots: structures, properties, electronic and optic applicationsChernozatonskii, L.; Arthuch, A.; Kvashnin, D.; Sorokin, P.
2012Simulation of Electromechanical Pproperties of Ordered Carbon Nanotube ArraysBarkaline, V.
2012The electrodynamic modeling of nanostructures and metamaterials on the basis of the method of minimal autonomous blocksMaly, S.
2012Electrical and magnetic properties of thin films of cross-linked fullerene C60 polymers in micro- and nano-scaleKazachenko, V.; Razanau, I.; Skopcov, E.; Zhavnerko, G.
2012Interaction of Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays with the Electromagnetic Radiation of the 78-118 GHz Frequency RangePrudnikava, A.; Bogush, V.; Molodechkin, M.; Shulitski, B.; Danilyuk, A.; Prischepa, S.; Labunov, V.
2012Surface plasmon resonance in silver nanoparticles formed in polyimide by ion implantationKharchenko, A.; Bumai, Y.; Dolgikh, N.; Lukashevich, M.; Valeev, V.; Khaibullin, R.; Odzhaev, V.
2012Electromagnetic properties of thermoplastic polymer composites containing carbon nanoparticles in frequency range 10 MHz -1.5 ThzSuslyaev, V.; Zhuravlev, V.; Korovin, E.; Dorozkin, K.; Mazov, I.; Moseenkov, S.; Kuznetsov, V.; Romanenko, A.
2012Effect of annealing and biaxial deformation on the dielectric properties of composites of multiwall carbon nanotubes and poly(ethylene terephthalate)Urvakis, M.; Kupreviciute, A.; Banys, J.; Macutkevic, J.; Mayoral, B.; McNally, T.
2012Carbon nanotubes as a new material for the purification of alcohol-containing liquidsZaporotskova, I.; Polikarpova, N.; Ermakova, T.; Polikarpov, D.
2012Investigation of the interaction of carbon nanotubes and the most commonly used polymersKrutoyarov, A.
2012Ag Displacement Deposition on Porous Silicon for SERS Substrate FabricationBandarenka, H.; Artsemyeva, K.; Panarin, A.; Terekhov, S.; Khodasevich, I.; Bondarenko, V.
2012Time Dependence of the Intensity of Parametric (Quasi-cherenkov) Radiation Produced by Relativistic Particles Passing Through Photonic CrystalsAnishchenko, S.; Baryshevsky, V.; Gurinovich, A.
2012Expanding possibilities for investigating of chemical composition with m-XRF spectrometer M4 TORNADO from Bruker. AXSOnoprienko, E.
2012Atomistic simulations of defect containing tubular nanostructuresBellucci, S.; Zhukovskii, Yu.; Kazerovskis, J.; Piskunov, S.; Dyachkov, P.
2012Plasmon polariton slowing down in graphene structuresBatrakov, K.; Maksimenko, S.; Soroko, V.; Tomsen, C.