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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Microwave absorption by magnetic nanocomposite of disordered carbon nanotubes arraysLabunov, V.; Danilyuk, A.; Prudnikova, A.; Komissarov, I.; Shulitski, B.; Normand, F.; Prischepa, S.
2012Local field effects and interference quenching of light in planar plasmonic nanostructuresKachan, S.; Ponyavina, A.
2012Glasses with PbS and PbSe nanoparticles as saturable absorbers for mode-locked solid state lasersGurin, V.; Rachkovskaya, G.; Zakharevich, G.; Yumashev, K.; Loiko, P.
2012Nanoscale investigation of microstructure effects on hydrogen behaviour in rapidly solidified aluminium alloysTashlykova-Bushkevich, I.
2012The electrodynamic modeling of nanostructures and metamaterials on the basis of the method of minimal autonomous blocksMaly, S.
2012Time Dependence of the Intensity of Parametric (Quasi-cherenkov) Radiation Produced by Relativistic Particles Passing Through Photonic CrystalsAnishchenko, S.; Baryshevsky, V.; Gurinovich, A.
2012Ultrasensitive detector of modulated terahertz radiation based on double-carbon nanotube systemSemenenko, V.; Leiman, V.; Arsenin, A.; Stebunov, Y.; Ryzhii, V.
2012Effect of annealing and biaxial deformation on the dielectric properties of composites of multiwall carbon nanotubes and poly(ethylene terephthalate)Urvakis, M.; Kupreviciute, A.; Banys, J.; Macutkevic, J.; Mayoral, B.; McNally, T.
2012Bistable states of 5-7 defects in graphenePoklonski, N.; Vlassov, A.; Vyrko, S.
2012Fabrication and characterization of Er- and Gd-implanted tin dioxide filmsKsenevich, V.; Bondarionok, H.; Dorosinets, V.; Shvarkov, S.; Reuter, D.; Wieck, A.
2012Development of anisotropic composite materials for electromagnetic applicationsKanygin, M.; Bychanok, D.; Sedelnikova, O.; Okotrub, A.
2012Characterization of ferromagnetic metal - carbon nanocomposites prepared by solid-phase pyrolysis of metall-phthalocyanineManukyan, A.; Mirzakhanyan, A.; Khachatryan, T.; Sharoyan, E.
2012Ion Beam Synthesis and Characterization of A3b5 Nanocrystals in Si And SiO2/Si for Optoelectronic SystemsKomarov, F.; VIasukova, L.; Milchanin, O.; Makhavikou, M.; Mudryi, A.; Wesch, W.; Ismailova, G.
2012Ag Displacement Deposition on Porous Silicon for SERS Substrate FabricationBandarenka, H.; Artsemyeva, K.; Panarin, A.; Terekhov, S.; Khodasevich, I.; Bondarenko, V.
2012Method of vacuum deposition of carbon nanotube thin film nanocompositesShulitski, B.; Tymoshchyk, A.; Tamashevich, Y.; Kashko, I.; Reznichenko, S.
2012Formation of the EM-absorbing polimer filmsLarionova, I.; Ladygin, Yu.; Frolov, A.
2012Modified flame pyrolysis method for magnetic nanoparticles synthesisKotsikau, D.; Petrova, E.; Pankov, V.; Ivanovskaya, M.
2012Reorientation of magnetization in a single-domain cobalt particle by a laser beamKukharev, A.; Danilyuk, A.; Borisenko, V.
2012Dielectric properties of lead-barium zirconate titanate, alloyed with copper and nickelGurskii, L.; Macutkevic, J.; Banys, J.; Paddubskaya, A.; Saraseko, M.; Petrov, A.; Kalanda, N.
2012Interaction of Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays with the Electromagnetic Radiation of the 78-118 GHz Frequency RangePrudnikava, A.; Bogush, V.; Molodechkin, M.; Shulitski, B.; Danilyuk, A.; Prischepa, S.; Labunov, V.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 107