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2014Release assessment of tritium in liquid effluents of Bushehr nuclear power plant (BNPP) in 2013Zamani, M.; Tafakkorbari, S.; Rostami, H.; Fathabadi, N.; Babakhani, A.; Abbaspur, H.; Jafari, M.
2014Research of evolution of an atomic order and valence state of rare-earth atoms and uranium in a new metalcarbon composite pyrolyzate of bis-phthalocyanine C64H32N16Me (Me = Y, La, Ce, Eu and U)Sovestnov, A. E.; Kapustin, V. K.; Tikhonov, V. I.; Fomin, E. V.; Chemenkov, Yu. P.
2014Polymeric compositions for “dry” decontamination of NPP equipment and premisesVaronik, N. I.
2014Classification and systematization of structure of Belarusian educational and research portal of nuclear knowledgeSytova, S. N.; Charapitsa, S. V.; Dubovskaya, I. Ya.; Lobko, A.; Savitskaya, T. A.
2014Diffusion of cesium, strontium and alkaline in magnesium phosphates systemDikiy, N. P.; Dovbnya, A. N.; Lyashko, Yu. V.; Medvedev, D. V.; Medvedeva, E. P.; Saenko, S. Y.; Tarasov, V. V.; Shkuropatenko, V. A.; Fedorets, I. D.; Khlapova, N. P.
2014Nuclear materials protection and national securityKazbekova, D.
2014Imaging of nuclear interactions in nuclear track emulsionZarubina, I. G.; Kattabekov, R. R.; Komegrutsa, N. K.; Mamatkulov, K. Z.; Artemenkov, D. A.; Zarubin, P. I.
2014T -odd correlations in (n,γγ)-, (n,αγ)-and (nƒγ)- reactionsTchuvil’sky, Yu. M.
2014Recently developed approaches to calculate nuclear structure need tests by novel experimental methodsGoldberg, V. Z.; Rogachev, G. V.
2014Searching for the lifetime broadening of the rubidium KLL auger linesInoyatov, A. Kh.; Kovalik, A.; Perevoshchikov, L. L.; Filosofov, D. V.; Yushkevich, Yu. V.; Rysavy, M.; Karaivanov, D.
2014Influence of atom environments on energies of the KLL auger transitions in 85Rb from the ec decay of 85SrInoyatov, A. Kh.; Kovalik, A.; Perevoshchikov, L. L.; Filosofov, D. V.; Yushkevich, Yu. V.; Rysavy, M.; Dadakhanov, D.
2014On rotational bands with Kπ = 0+2, 2+2 AND 1+1 in 160Gd, 164Dy and 166ErGovor, L. I.; Demidov, A. M.; Kurkin, V. A.; Mikhailov, I. V.
2014Investigation of 166Er in (n, n'γ) reactionGovor, L. I.; Demidov, A. M.; Berendakov, S. A.
2014Search for alpha cluster states in 11BBelyaeva, T. L.; Goncharov, S. A.; Danilov, A. N.; Demyanova, A. S.; Ogloblin, A. A.; Maslov, V. A.; Sobolev, Yu. G.; Trzaska, W.; Khlebnikov, S. V.; Burtebaev, N.; Zholdybayev, T.; Saduyev, N.; Heikkinen, P.; Julin, R.; Tyurin, G.P.
2014Data evaluation and structure of nuclei with A = 146Rodionov, A. A.; Khazov, Yu. L.; Shulyak, G. I.; Kabina, L. P.; Mitropolsky, I. A.
2014Detection of light neutron nuclei in alpha-particle-induced fission of 238U by activation method with 27AlNovatsky, B. G.; Sakuta, S. B.; Stepanov, D. N.
2014Resonances in the α+13C interactionMynbayev, N. A.; Nurmukhanbetova, A. K.; Goldberg, V. Z.; Rogachev, G. V.; Golovkov, M. S.; Dzubin, V. N.; Koloberdin, M.; Ivanov, I.
2014High excited states of 6HeChernyshev, B. A.; Gurov, Yu. B.; Korotkova, L. Yu.; Kuznetsov, D. S.; Lapushkin, S. V.; Pritula, R. V.; Tel’kushev, M. V.; Sandukovskiy, V. G.; Tschurenkova, T. D.
2014On the possibility of studying cluster structure of light nuclei by proton quasifree scattering at low energiesKonobeevsky, E. S.; Zuyev, S.; Kasparov, A.
2014Microstructure manifestations in nuclear reactionsKaramian, S. A.