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2014. LXIV International conference «NUCLEUS 2014». Fundamental problems of nuclear physics, atomic power engineering and nuclear technologies (LXIV meeting on nuclear spectroscopy and nuclear structure) : [240] Collection home page

The scientific program of the conference covers almost all problems in nuclear physics and its applications such as: neutron-rich nuclei, nuclei far from stability valley, giant resonances, many-phonon and many-quasiparticle states in nuclei, high-spin and super-deformed states in nuclei, synthesis of super-heavy elements, reactions with radioactive nuclear beams, heavy ions, nucleons and elementary particles, fusion and fission of nuclei, many-body problem in nuclear physics, microscopic description of collective and single-particle states in nuclei, theory of few-particles systems, non-linear nuclear dynamics, meson and quark degrees of freedom in nuclei, mesoatoms, hypemuclei and other nuclear exotic systems, double beta-decay and neutrino mass problem, interaction of nucleus with electrons of atomic shell, verification of theories of elementary particles interaction and conservation laws, physics of nucleus and particles in application to astrophysical objects, theory of direct and statistical nuclear reactions, theory of multiple scattering, theory of reactions with clusters and heavy ions, theory of relativistic nuclear collisions, theory of polarization phenomenon in nuclear reactions, theories of proton, two-protons and cluster radioactivity and fission of nuclei, instruments and methods of nuclear-physical experiment, analysis of measurements, accelerators, radio-ecology, application of nuclear-physical experimental methods to astrophysics, medicine and other fields of research, fundamental problems of nuclear power and nuclear technologies.

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Proton dispersive optical potential of even-even Sn isotopes with 100 ≤ A ≤ 132Bespalova, O. V.; Romanovsky, E. A.; Spasskaya, T. I.; Klimochkina, A. A.
2014Nuclear vertex constants and asymptotic normalization coefficients of 16O bound and resonant α+12C states from effective-range and Pade approximationsOrlov, Yu. V.; Irgaziev, B. F.; Nikitina, L. I.
2014Features of the proton single-particle spectra of Ni, Zn, and Ge isotopes near the proton drip-lineBespalova, O. V.; Ermakova, T. A.; Klimochkina, A. A.; Romanovsky, E. A.; Spasskaya, T. I.
2014Coordinate asymptotics of wave functions of the three and four particle systems with short-range interactionsYakovlev, S. L.
2014Forward-angle values of polarization-transfer (PT) coefficients for the 16O (p,p')16O (4-, T=1) and 28Si (p,p')28Si ( 6-, T=1) reactionsPlavko, A. V.; Onegin, M. S.; Kudriashov, V. I.
2014Formation mechanisms of inclusive cross-sections of (p,xp) and (p,xα) reactions on Cu nucleusDuisebayev, A.; Duisebayev, B. A.; Zholdybayev, T. K.; Sadykov, B. M.; Ismailov, K. M.
2014Cadmium isotope photodesintigrationBelyshev, S. S.; Ishkhanov, B. S.; Orlin, V. N.; Stopani, K. A.; Kuznetsov, A. A.; Khankin, V. V.; Shvedunov, N. V.
2014Investigation of reactions on 112Sn nucleus initiated by 3He ions of 50 MeV with emission of deuterons, tritons and α-particlesDuisebayev, A.; Duisebayev, B. A.; Zholdybayev, T. K.; Sadykov, B. M.; Ismailov, K. M.
2014Searching for new long lived isomers in thermal fission of 235UKamanin, D. V.; Pyatkov, Yu. V.; Strekalovsky, A. O.; Alexandrov, A. A.; Alexandrova, I. A.; Jacobs, N.; Kondratyev, N. A.; Kuznetsova, E. A.; Mishinsky, G. V.; Malaza, V.; Strekalovsky, O. V.; Zhuchko, V. E.
2014Yields and cross-sections of the ( γ, n) and (γ, p) reactions on the Ti isotopes in the GDR regionBelyshev, S. S.; Dzhilavyan, L. Z.; Ishkhanov, B. S.; Kurilik, A. S.; Khankin, V. V.; Shvedunov, V. I.
2014Exposure of nuclear track emulsion to ultrarelativistic µ-mesonsKattabekov, R. R.; Mamatkulov, K. Z.; Artemenkov, D. A.; Zarubin, P. I.
2014A multi-parameter nuclear-fission experiment: why and how to measure all at once?Tsekhanovich, L. A.; Matarranz, J.; Murray, L.; Pollitt, A. J.; Smith, A. G.; Köster, U.; Soldner, T.
2014Excitation of isomeric states in reactions (γ,n) and (n,2n) on 76Ge, 82Se and 81BrPalvanov, S. R.; Kajumov, M.; Saydimov, Y. A.
2014Experimental study of the fragmentation of relativistic nucleiLepekhin, F. G.
2014New experimental data for 53Cr(n, α)50Ti reactionKhromyleva, T. A.; Bondarenko, I. P.; Khryachkov, V. A.; Kuzminov, B. D.; Semenova, N. N.; Sergachev, A. I.
2014Elastic scattering cross section measurement of 13C nuclei on 12C at energy 22.75 MeVBurtebayev, N.; Ivanov, I. A.; Morzabaev, A. K.; Keremkulov, J. K.; Amangeldy, N.; Hamada, Sh.; Keeley, N.
2014Studies of dependence of isomeric yield ratios on the gamma quanta energy in the 140Ce(γ,n)139m,gCe reactionMazur, V, .M.; Symochko, D. M.; Marinets, T. I.; Derechkey, P. S.
2014A study of isomeric yield ratios in the 124Te(γ,n)123mTe reaction in the giant E1-resonance regionMazur, V. M.; Symochko, D. M.; Bigan, Z. M.; Derechkey, P. S.
2014Production of cumulative protons in hadron and nucleus-nucleus collisions at high energiesBazarov, E. H.; Yuldashev, B. S.; Lutpullaev, S. L.; Olimov, K.; Petrov, V. I.
2014New experimental data of 54 Fe(n, α)51Cr reaction cross-section in 4.5-7 MeV neutron energy regionBondarenko, I. P.; Khryachkov, V. A.; Khromyleva, T. A.; Semenova, N. N.; Sergachev, A. I.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 240