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2014. Joint Belarus-Korea Symposium on the Physics of Functional Nanomaterials and Nanodevices : Program & Book of Abstracts : [24] Collection home page


The Symposium is organized in the framework of an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation between the National Research Foundation of Korea and the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research. The Symposium has been granted by the National Research foundation of Korea. The purpose of the Symposium is exchange of experience and establishing contacts between scientific communities of Belarus and Korea in the field of functional nanomaterials and nanodevices.

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2014Microwave spectroscopy of single-walled carbon nanotube suspension: theory and experimentShuba, M. V.; Paddubskaya, A. G.; Kuzhir, P. P.; Maksimenko, S. A.
2014Synthesis and characterization of nanoheterostructures based on wide-gap oxides and nanoparticles of chalcogenide semiconductorsStreltsov, Е. А.; Malashchonak, N. V.; Mazanik, A. V.
2014Special Nanoparticles as a Basis to Create Fast-Switching VA LCD’s with Wide Viewing AngleLapanik, V.; Lugouski, A.; Timofeev, S.
2014Orientation effects in structural and electronic properties of anatase TiO2 nanowires and nanotubesMigas, D. B.; Filonov, A. B.; Borisenko, V. E.
2014Ion irradiation behavior of nanostructured TiZrAlN-based hard coatingsUglov, V. V.; Zlotski, S. V.; Rovbut, A. Y.
2014Effects of atomically engineered junction interface on resistive switching performance in Al-WOx-Al resistive memoryKim, Hyunsang; Im, Hyunsik; Kim, Jongmin; Jo, Yongcheol; Han, J.
2014Charge transport in arrays of carbon nanotubesKsenevich, V. K.
2014Terahertz response of length-calibrated carbon nanotube thin filmsMaksimenko, S. A.; Shuba, M. V.; Kuzhir, P. P.
2014Growth of carbon nanotubes with diameter and density controlLee, Seung-Woong; Choi, Won Chel
2014Carbon low-dimensional systems in electromechanicsPoklonski, N. A.
2014Electrochemical characteristics of flexible supercapacitors with PANI-MWCNT/graphene nanocomposite electrodesIm, Hyunsik; Kim, Hyunsang; Kim, Jongmin; Jo, Yongcheol; Han, J.
2014A huge magnetoresistive effect in n-Si/SiO2/Ni nanostructures fabricated by the template-assisted electrochemical depositionFedotova, J.; Fedotov, A.; Mazanik, A.; Svito, I.; Streltsov, E.
2014Thin Film Structures from Semiconductor Heteronanocrystals Optics and Optoelectronic ApplicationsAntanovich, Artsiom; Prudnikau, Anatol; Fedosyuk, Alexandra; Artemyev, Mikhail
2014Magneto-diode: principle and application to chameleon processorHong, Jinki; Song, Jin Dong; Chang, Joonyeon
2014Resistivity Switching In Hafnium Dioxide NanostructuresBorisenko, V. E.
2014Influence of the size and the attached organic tail of modified diamond nanoparticles on the physical properties of liquid crystalsLapanik, V.; Lugouskiy, A.
2014Organic-inorganic Nanocomposites for Electrode ApplicationsKukhta, Alexander
2014Development of microminiature planar (noncoil-like) inductive elements based on metal-semiconductor-dielectric nanocompositesFedotova, J.; Fedotov, A.; Svito, I.; Zukowski, P.; Koltunowich, T.
2014Efficient Management of Photons and Carriers using Metal and Semiconductor Nanostructures for Novel PhotovoltaicsKim, Dong-Wook
2014Study of nanometrically thin pyrolytic carbon films for explosive electron emission cathode in high-voltage planar diodeBaryshevsky, Vladimir; Belous, Nikolai; Gurinovich, Alexandra; Gurnevich, Evgeny; Kuzhir, Polina; Maksimenko, Sergey; Molchanov, Pavel; Shuba, Mikhail; Kaplas, Tommi; Svirko, Yuri
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24