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2018Contamination of the environment with medicinal preparationDavidovskaya, K.
2018Radical-recovery properties of black currant juice, bilberry and blueberrySelina, D.; Tarun, E.; Podorovskaya, P.
2018Health assessment of the population of the Republic of BelarusRudkovskaya-Yazubets, K.
2018Congenital malformations of the digestive systemSkorodenok, Y.; Kokorina, N.
2018Studying of individual types of specific toxicity of innovative infusion solution for parenteral nutrition based on amino acidsSavitskaya, V.; Tarasova, E.
2018A method for imrt treatments of prostate cancer improvementPiatkevich, M.; Тitovich, E.; Makarava, N.; Kazlouski, D.; Kaprusynka, A.; Hertsyk, V.
2018Immunophenotypic characteristics of peripheral blood lymphocytes of patients with severe combined immunodeficienciesPugacheva, V.; Guryanova, I.; Romanovskaya, T.
2018Cell therapy of rotenone-induced experimental parkinsonism modelShadrina, V.; Talkovskaya, M.; Ustemchuk, A.; Aleinikava, N.; Nizheharodava, D.
2018Modification of polyelectrolyte microcapsules by dye molecules Rhodamine 6GScherbovich, A.
2018Diagnostics of human papilloma virus with PCR-methodShkodzich, K.; Tarasova, E.
2018Determination of polymorphism of K-ras and DPC4 genes in pancreatic cancer in the background of diabetes mellitusSmolyakova, I.; Smolyakova, R.; Shpadaruk, K.
2018The effect of gene polymorphism of xenobiotic detoxification enzymes GCLM on urine mercury contentShinetova, L.; Bekeyeva, S.
2018The study of photo-switches based on quantum dot-photochromic molecule complexes by spectrophotometry methodsScherbovich, A.; Karpach, P.
2018Antibiotic resistance in the modern worldSinenok, D.; Tarasova, E.
2018Influence of adverse factors of ecological environment on person’s psychological and mental healthKazlova, A.; Kharytanovic, A.
2018Exploitation of the cross-border natural resources: environmental and legal dimensionsGorskaya, V.; Undrul, A.; Luchina, V.
2018Interrelation mental health and physical healthGromova, T.; Kozelko, N.
2018GMO’s and societyGorban, A.
2018The relationship between the level of verbal aggressiveness and computer useKozelko, N.
2018The results of the students survey on issues relating to the abortGaikova, E.; Dudinskaya, R.