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2016Computer Data Analysis and Modeling: Theoretical and Applied Stochastics: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference (September 6-10, 2016, Minsk)-
6-Sep-2016Methodological Approaches to the Reflection of Environmental Assets in SEEA and NAMEASoshnikova, L. A.
6-Sep-2016Micro-Entities and Small Enterprises Surveys in BelarusBokun, N.
6-Sep-2016Evaluation of Sequential Test Characteristics for Time Series with a TrendKharin, A.; Ton, T. T.
6-Sep-2016Forward Projection for High-Dimensional DataOrtner, T.; Filzmoser, P.; Brodinova, S.; Zaharieva, M.; Breiteneder, C.
6-Sep-2016Performance Study of Linfoot’s Informational Correlation Coefficient and its ModificationShevlyakov, G. L.; Vasilevskiy, N. V.
6-Sep-2016On the Limit Distribution of the Maximum Vertex Degree in a Conditional Configuration GraphCheplyukova, I. A.
6-Sep-2016Robust and Sparse Multiclass Classification by the Optimal Scoring ApproachHoffmann, I.; Filzmoser, P.; Croux, C.
6-Sep-2016Statistical Estimation and Testing of Turning Points in Multivariate Regime-Switching ModelsMalugin, V. I.; Novopoltsev, A. Yu.
6-Sep-2016On Robustness of Configuration Graphs with Random Node Degree DistributionLeri, M. M.
6-Sep-2016On Random Graphs in Random EnvironmentPavlov, Yu. L.
6-Sep-2016On Coincidences of Tuples in a Binary Tree with Randomly Labeled VerticesZubkov, A. M.; Kruglov, V. I.
6-Sep-2016On One Generalization of Markov Chain with Partial ConnectionsKharin, Yu. S.; Maltsew, M. V.
6-Sep-2016Two-Sided Inequalities for the Average Number of Elements in the Union of Images of Finite Set Under Iterations of Random Equiprobable MappingsSerov, A. A.; Zubkov, A. M.
6-Sep-2016Optimal Choice of Order Statistics Under Confidence Region Estimation in Case of Large SamplesZaigrajew, A.; Alama-Bucko, M.
6-Sep-2016Analysis of Self-Similarity Property of α-stable ProcessesBaranovskiy, A. G.; Troush, N. N.
6-Sep-2016Forecasting of Regression Model Under Classification of the Dependent VariableAgeeva, H.
6-Sep-2016Assignment of Arbitrarily Distributed Random Samples to the Fixed Probability Distribution and its RiskZhuk, E. E.; Dus, D. D.
6-Sep-2016Exact D-optimal Designs Experiments for Linear Model with Heteroscedastic ObservationsKirlitsa, V. P.
6-Sep-2016On Parameter Estimation of Stationary Gaussian Time Series Observed Under Right CensoringBadziahin, I. A.