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2009Transformation of Topological Structure of Optical Vortices upon Frequency Non-Degenerate Four-Wave MixingGorbach, D. V.; Tolstik, Alexei L.; Romanov, Oleg G.
2009Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulation of Light Propagation in 2D Scattering MediaRomanov, Oleg G.; Tolstik, Alexei L.
2011Neural Network Analysis of the Resonance Whispering Gallery Mode Characteristics of Biological AgentsSaetchnikov, Vladimir A.; Tcherniavskaia, Elina A.; Saetchnikov, Anton V.; Schweiger, Gustav; Ostendorf, Andreas
2011Mechanisms Underlaying Regulation of Synaptic Transmission in Hippocampus by Hydrogen PeroxidePitlik, T. N.; Bulai, P. M.; Denisov, A. A.; Cherenkevich, S. N.
2011Note Added to "Information Geometry of a Regime-Switching Model with Time-Varying Parameters".De Sanctis, Angela
2011Polarized Strange Sea in the Nucleon.Timoshin, E. S.; Timoshin, S. I.
2011Quantum Field Theory of Early Universe and Gravitational Thermodynamics at Low and High Energies.Shalyt-Margolin, A. E.
2011Quantum Kepler Problem for Spin 1/2 Particle in Spaces on Constant Curvature. I. Pauli Theory.Ovsiyuk, E. M.
2011Quantum Chemical Simulation of the Structure of Carborane and Endohedral Backminsterfullerene DerivativesDikusar, Eugene; Zelenkovski, Vladimir; Potkin, Vladimir; Rudakov, Dmitriy; Soldatov, Andrei; Pushkarchuk, Vadim
2011Polarized Effects in High Energy Photon and Electron Interaction in Linear Colliders.Shishkina, T. V.
2011Proton Form Factor Corrections in Hydrogenic Atoms.Andreev, Viktor
2011Change in the Microscopic Diffusion Mechanisms of Boron Implanted into Silicon with Increase in the Annealing TemperatureVelichko, O. I.; Hundorina, A. A.
2011Bound States of a Particle in the Lobachevsky Space in the Case of the Coulomb-Like Barrier.Kudryashov, V. V.
2011Capabilities of Carbon Nanotube Utilization at Creation of Biological SensorsVorobjova, A. I.
2011Electric Field Influence on the Processes Near Metal SurfacesIvanov, Alexey Yu.; Nedolugov, Vladimir I.; Vasiliev, Sergey V.
2011Estimation of Experimental Data Redundancy and Related Statistics.Grabec, Igor
2011Detecting and Discriminating New Neutral Gauge Bosons at the International Linear ColliderPankov, А. А.; Tsytrinov, A. V.
2011Reactivity Measurements in the Subcritical Booster Assembly Yalina Driven by Neutron Generator.Kiyavitskaya, H.; Bournos, V.; Mazanik, S.; Serafimovich, I.; Fokov, Yu.; Routkovskaya, Ch.; Sadovich, S.
2011Two-Dimensional Oscillations in a Quantum Well with Polynomial PotentialSanin, А.; Semyonov, Е.
2011Theoretical Investigation of the Radiation Pressure Force Acting on a Spherical Nanoparticle Located in the Laser Radiation FieldGuzatov, D. V.; Gaida, L. S.; Afanas'ev, A. A.