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2014Measurement of Phi meson nuclear modification factors in p+Pb collisions in the alice experiment at lhcSamsonov, V. M.; Riabov, V. G.; Riabov, Yu. G.; Malaev, M. V.
2014The investigation of 197Au (d,xpyn) X reactions at the energy of 2.2 GeV/nucleonBalabekyan, A. R.; Demekhina, N. A.; Karapetyan, G. S.; Drnoyan, D. R.; Zhemenik, V. I.; Adam, J.; Zavorka, L.; Solnyshkin, A. A.; Tsoupko-Sitnikov, V. M.; Khushvaktov, J.
2014Isomeric yields ratios of 238U photofission fragments at end-point energy of bremmsstrahlung photons about 18 MeVVishnevsky, I. N.; Zheltonozhsky, V. A.; Savrasov, A. N.; Rovenskikh, E. P.; Plujko, V. A.; Gorbachenko, O. M.
2014Protons from three-body and four-body break-up in the dd-collisionsBelyuskina, O. O.; Grantsev, V. I.; Kisurin, K. K.; Omelchuk, S. E.; Roznyuk, Yu. S.; Rudenko, B. A.; Slusarenko, L. I.; Struzhko, B. G.
2014Elastic and inelastic scattering of 3He ions on 16O nucleus at 60 MeVDuisebayev, A.; Duisebayev, B. A.; Zholdybayev, T. K.; Sadykov, B. M.
2014Investigation of fusion reactions 194Pt (α,n) 197mgHg and 195Pt(3He,n)197mgHg at near-barrier energiesChuvilskaya, T. V.
2014The channel coupling and triton cluster exchange effects in 3He scattering on 6Li nucleiSakuta, S. B.; Burtebayev, N.; Burtebayeva, D. T.; Duisebayev, A.; Gluchshenko, N. V.; Nassurlla, M.; Amar, A.; Artemov, S. V.; Kliczewski, S.; Piasecki, E.; Rusek, K.; Siudak, R.; Trzcinska, A.
2014Formation of neutron-deficient heavy nuclides in He-3 induced reaction at intermediate energiesGromova, E.; Jakovlev, V. A.; Rubchenya, V. A.; Aaltonen, J.; Helariutta, K.; Salminen-Paatero, S.; Penttila, H.; Rissanen, J.; Saastamoinen, A.
2014The measurements of diffraction of the angular distributions of alpha particles with energies 29 MeV on nuclei 59Co, 197Au,. 209BiBurtebayev, N.; Dyachkov, V. V.; Yushkov, A. V.; Baktybayev, M. K.; Duisebayev, B. A.; Zholdybayev, T. K.; Muhamedzhanov, E. S.
2014The phenomenon of diffraction rise of cross sections in the forward hemisphere of angles as the effect of nuclear and cluster interferenceGridnev, K. A.; Dyachkov, V. V.; Yushkov, A. V.
2014Exerimental observation of the channeling effect in the study of dd-reaction in the astrophysical deuteron collision energy range in titanium deuterideBystritsky, V. M.; Krylov, A. R.; Philippov, A. V.; Dudkin, G. N.; Mesyats, G. A.; Nechaev, B. A.; Padalko, V. N.; Pen, F. M. kov; Tuleushev, Yu. Zh.; Filipowicz, M.; Bystritskii, Vit. M.; Gazi, S.; Huran, J.
2014п+ п- p electroproduction off the bound proton in resonance region with clasSkorodumina, Iu. A.; Burkert, V. D.; Fedotov, G. V.; Golovach, E. N.; Gothe, R. W.; Ishkhanov, B. S.; Isupov, E. L.; Mokeev, V. I.
2014Light hadron production in Cu+Au collisions at 200 GeVKotov, D. O.; Berdnikov, Yu. A.; Samsonov, V. M.; Riabov, V. G.; Riabov, Yu. G.; Ivanishchev, D. A.
2014Study of progectile fragmentation of 40Ar on 9Be target at 40*A MeVErdemchimeg, B.; Mikhailova, T. I.; Artyukh, A. G.; Toro, M. Di.; Sereda, G. Yu. M.; Wolter, H. H.
2014Mechanisms of hydrogen isotope formation during preequilibrium stage of stopped pion absorption reactionChernyshev, B. A.; Gurov, Yu. B.; Korotkova, L. Yu.; Lapushkin, S. V.; Leonova, T. I.; Pritula, R. V.; Schurenkova, T. D.
2014Formation mechanisms of inclusive cross-sections of (p,xp) and (p,xa) reactions on Cu nucleusDuisebayev, A.; Duisebayev, B. A.; Zholdybayev, T. K.; Sadykov, B. M.; Ismailov, K. M.
2014Exposure of nuclear track emulsion to ultrarelativistic m-mesonsKattabekov, R. R.; Mamatkulov, K. Z.; Artemenkov, D. A.; Zarubin, P. I.
2014Excitation of isomeric states in reactions (y,n) and (n,2n) on 76Ge, 82Se and 81BrPalvanov, S. R.; Kajumov, M.; Saydimov, Y. A.
2014Superfluidity of heated fermi systems in static fluctuation approximationKhamzin, A.; Nikitin, A. S.; Sitdikov, A. S.
2014Proton dispersive optical potential of even-even Sn isotopes with 100 ≤A≤132Bespalova, O. V.; Romanovsky, E. A.; Spasskaya, T. I.; Klimochkina, A. A.