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2014. Fundamental problems of nuclear physics, atomic-power engineering and nuclear technologies : [161] Collection home page


The scientific program of the conference covers almost all problems in nuclear physics and its applications such as: neutron-rich nuclei, nuclei far from stability valley, giant resonances, many-phonou and many-quasiparticle states in nuclei, high-spui and super-deformed states in nuclei, synthesis of super-heavy elements, reactions with radioactive nuclear beams, heavy ions, nucleons and elementary particles, fusion and fission of nuclei, manybody problem in nuclear physics, microscopic description of collective and single-panicle states in nuclei, theory of few-particles systems, non-linear nuclear dynamics, meson and quark degrees of freedom in nuclei, mesoatoms, hypernuclei and other nuclear exotic systems, double beta-decay and neutrino mass problem, interaction of nucleus with electrons of atomic shell, verification of theories of elementary particles interaction and conservation laws, physics of nucleus and particles in application to astrophysical objects, theory of direct and statistical nuclear reactions, theory of multiple scattering, theory of reactions with clusters and heavy ions, theory of relativistic nuclear collisions, theory of polarization phenomenon in nuclear reactions, theories of proton, two-protons and cluster radioactivity and fission of nuclei, instruments and methods of nuclear-physical experiment, analysis of measurements, accelerators, radio-ecology, application of nuclear-physical experimental methods to astrophysics, medicine and other fields of research, fundamental problems of nuclear power and nuclear technologies..

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 161
PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Analytic representation of the amplitude of multi-particle coulomb breakupIlyin, A. P.
2014New approach to folding with the coulomb wave functionBlokhintsev, L. D.; Kadyrov, A. S.; Mukhamedzhanov, A. M.; Savin, D. A.
2014Nuclear gluon distribution at small x from photoproduction of J/ψ in ion ultraperipheral collisions at the lhcGuzey, V. A.; Zhalov, M. B.
2014The features of the non-equilibrium equation of state in heavy-ion collisions at intermediate energiesD'yachenko, A. T.; Gridnev, K. A.; Mitropolsky, I. A.
20148B+58Ni interaction at low energiesBelyaeva, T. L.
2014Theoretical description of scattering in 3N system with account of dibaryon channels and 3N forcesPlatonova, M. N.; Kukulin, V. I.
2014The resonating group model description of the radiative capture reaction 3He (a,y)7BeSolovyev, A. S.; Igashov, S. Yu.; Tchuvil'sky, Yu. M.
2014The analysis of (t,p) reactions on 16O nucleusGalanina, L. I.; Zelenskaya, N. S.
2014Birefringence of deuterons in an unpolarized target: theory and experimentBaryshevsky, V. G.; Rouba, A. A.
2014Phase trajectories of the nuclear system in the proton induced multifragmentation phenomena. Mechanical breakdownCherevko, K. V.; Bulavin, L. A.; Sysoev, V. M.
2014Excited state of 15C jп=5/2+nucleus and inelastic scattering of protonsIbraeva, E. T.; Zhusupov, M. A.
2014Contribution of higher multiplicity collisions in elastic p6He, p8,9Li scattering in the framework of the diffraction theoryIbraeva, E. T.; Imambekov, O.
2014On longitudinally polarized electron scattering off polarized proton targetSafin, M. Ya.
2014Spin observables in pd-scattering and test of t-invarianceTemerbayev, A. A.; Uzikov, Yu. N.
2014Photon spin, width of oscillator energy level and giant dipole resonance structureSorokin, Yu. I.
2014The superselection model for the algebra of canonical anticommutation relations in the framework of C*-crossed productAukhadiev, M. A.; Nikitin, A. S.; Sitdikov, A. S.
2014Does the "island of stability" exists?Nurmukhamedov, A. M.
2014Rotating skyrmions of the (2+1)-dimensional skyrme gauge model with a chern-simons termLoginov, A. Yu.
2014Cluster model of formation of sub-nuclear and sub-atomic objectsLin, E. E.
2014Nuclear shells and the structure of the energy surface of heavy elementsKolesnikov, N. N.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 161