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2011Stochastic Bounds For The Mean Characteristics Of An M/G/l Queue With General Retrial TimesBoualem, M.; Djellab, N.; Aissani, D.
2011Some Martingale Relations For M/G/l Retrial QueueOukid, H.; Aissani, A.
2011Open Networks With Multiregime Service Strategies And SignalsLetunovich, Y.
2011On The Mx/G/1 Retrial Queue With Impatient CustomersDjellab, N. V.; Arrar, K. N.; Baillon, J. B.
2011Investigation Of Queuing System Gl(2)|M2|∞Sinyakova, I.; Moiseeva, S.
2011Estimation Of Loss Probability In Gaussian QueuesLukashenko, O.; Morozov, E.; Pagano, M.
2011Application Of Multilevel HM-Network At Designing Of Warehouses Squares In Logistics Transport SystemsKiturko, O.
2011Asymptotic Analysis Of Markov Queueing Network With Unreliable SystemsStatkevich, S.; Rusilko, T.
2011Limit Diffusions For Multi-Channel Networks With Interdependent InputsLebedev, E.; Chechelnitsky, A.
2011Fluid Limit For Cumulative Idle Time In Multiphase QueuesMinkevicius, S.; Kulvietis, G.
2011Statistical Analysis Of Queueing Networks With Infinite Number Of ServersTsitsiashvili, G.
2011Cost Of Reaching With Prohibition For An Exponential Time-Sharing Queueing ProcessZorineva, A.
2011On Stability For Nonstationary M/M/N/N + R QueueZeifman, A.; Korotysheva, A.; Panfilova, T.; Satin, Ya.; Shilova, G.
2011An Open Queueing Network With Partly Non-Active CustomersBojarovich, J.; Malinkovsky, Yu.
2011Investigation Of Traffic Flows Characteristics In Case Of The Small DensityFedotkin, M.; Rachinskaya, M.
2011"SIRIUS-T" Package For Characteristics Evaluation Of The Queueing SystemDudin, A.; Klimenok, V.; Tsarenkov, G.
2011On The Inequality In Open Queueing NetworksMinkevicius, S.
2011Heavy Traffic Analysis Of M/G/L Queue With Markov Modulated Service SpeedDimitrov, M.; Ivanova, M.
2011Analysis And Optimization Of Exponential Queueing Networks By Means Of Parallel CalculationsPankov, A.; Koluzaeva, E.
2011On Approximation Of Retrial Queues With Varying Service RatePonomarov, V.