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2007Photosensitivity of the Structures on the Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 Films Obtained by Thermal Treatment in the S and Se VaporsTivanov, M. S.; Rud, V. Yu.; Rud, Yu. V.; Gremenok, V. F.; Zaretskaya, E. P.; Zalesskii, V. B.; Leonova, T. R.; Romanov, P. I.
2007Cadmium-free Thin-Film Cu(In,Ga)Se2(In2S3) Heterophotoelements Fabrication and PropertiesTivanov, M. S.; Zalesskii, V. B.; Rud, V. Yu.; Gremenok, V. F.; Rud, Yu. V.; Leonova, T. R.; Kravchenko, A. V.; Zaretskaya, E. P.
2007Optical Properties of Cu(In, Ga)(S, Se)2 Films for Solar CellsTivanov, M. S.; Zaretskaya, E. P.; Gremenok, V. F.; Ivanov, V. A.; Mudriy, A. V.; Ivaniukovich, A. V.; Zalesskii, V. B.; Zykotinski, S.; Bente, K.
Oct-2016Influence of annealing on microstructure and optical properties of hot wall deposited PbxSn(1−x)S thin filmsBashkirov, S. A.; Gremenok, V. F.; Ivanov, V. A.; Bente, K.; Gladyshev, P. P.; Zelenyak, T. Yu.; Saad, A. M.; Tivanov, M. S.
2017Effect of Substrate temperature on Structural and Optical properties of In2S3 thin films grown by Thermal evaporationRasool, S.; Phaneendra Reddya, G.; Ramakrishna Reddy, K. T.; Tivanov, M. S.; Gremenok, V. F.
Aug-2017Effect of annealing on the Structure of thermal evaporated In2S3 thin filmsGremenok, V. F.; Ramakrishna Reddy, K. T.; Tivanov, M. S.; Patryn, A. A.
2018Microstructure and Raman scattering of Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin films deposited onto flexible metal substratesStanchik, А. V.; Gremenok, V. F.; Bashkirov, S. A.; Tivanov, M. S.; Juškėnas, R. L.; Novikov, G. F.; Giraitis, R.; Saad, A. M.
Mar-2018Determination of the optical absorption spectra of thin layers from their photoacoustic spectraBychto, L.; Maliński, M.; Patryn, A. A.; Tivanov, M. S.; Gremenok, V. F.
2017Influence of preparation conditions on the microstructure of ZnO thin film prepared by electrodepositionBashkirov, S. A.; Ispravnikova, P. V.; Gladyshev, P. P.; Zelenyak, T. Yu.; Gremenok, V. F.; Tivanov, M. S.
2018Influence of Substrate Material on the Microstructure of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin FilmsAsakovich, Ya. V.; Bashkirov, S. A.; Stanchik, A. V.; Gremenok, V. F.; Giraitis, R.; Tivanov, M. S.; Novikov, G. F.; Rakitin, V. V.; Hekkel, U. S.