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2010Application of a Monte-Carlo method for search of the reading frame shifts in DNA coding sequencesRudenko, V. M.; Korotkov, E. V.
2010A goodness-of-fit test for uniform distribution on a finite groupKruglov, V. I.
2010Profile statistics for sparse contingency tablesRadavicius, M.; Samusenko, P.
2010Method of statistical tests independence checkingSkrypnik, L. V.; Kovalchuk, L. V.; Bezditnyi, V. T.
2010On the number of boolean functions in a given neighbourhood of the affine functions setSerov, A. A.; Zubkov, A. M.
2010On finding the fundamental matrix of finite state homogeneous Markov chains in special caseGaiduk, A. N.
2010Search of possible reading frame shifts in genesKorotkov, E.
2010On statistical hypotheses testing of embeddingKharin, Yu. S.; Vecherko, E. V.
2010On inequalities of information geometryVoloshko, V. A.
2010Semiparametric bayesian analysis of gene-environment interactionsLobach, I.
2010The method based on binary MC(s,r) under additive distortions for estimating the model parameters of Geffe's generatorPiatlitski, A. I.
2010Tail properties of Pearson statistics distributionsFilina, M. V.; Zubkov, A. M.
2010Steganographic method with histogram correctionVolkorez, E. O.
2010Local limit theorem for a/2-type statistic in internet graphsCheplyukova, I. A.; Pavlov, Yu. L.
2010Complexity metrics and visualization of DNA sequencesRekasius, T.
2010Analysis of tests for randomness based on universal predictors: Bernoulli trials caseKostevich, A. L.; Shilkin, A. V.
2010Increasing the power of a two-level chi-square procedure of multiple hypothesis testingNikitina, I. S.; Kostevich, A. I.
2010On statistical analysis of Markov chains with conditional memory depthKharin, Yu. S.; Maltsew, M. V.