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2007Some Model-Based Estimator for a Finite Population TotalKrapavickaite, D.
2007Random Integral Equations and Equations with Variational Derivatives Associated with ThemRomanovski, I. V.; Yanovich, L. A.
2007Design of the Medical Laboratory Information SystemMozheyko, D. L.; Ablameyko, Sergey V.
2007A Package of Genetic-Breeding Statistical Programs for Personal ComputersDromashko, S. E.
2007Setting the Metrics and Measure of Refutability on Predicate Formulas as Statements in Some TheoryVikent’ev, A. A.
2007Analysis of Expert Statements in Search SystemsLbov, G. S.; Dolozov, N. L.; Maslov, P. P.
2007Asymptotic Behavior of the Summarized Square Error in Dependence Dose-Effect for Indirect ObservationsTikhov, M. S.; Krishtopenko, D. S.
2007Almost Sure Versions of Limit Theorems for Random Sums of Multiindex Random VariablesChuprunov, A. N.; Terekhova, L. P.
2007Analysis of Incomes Behavior in Exponential NetworksMatalytski, M. A.; Pankov, A. V.
2007Investigation of Idle Time Model in Computer NetworksMinkevicius, S.; Kulvietis, G.
2007On the Total Queue Length in Multiphase QueuesMinkevicius, S.
2007Statistical Analysis of the Chair’s Effectiveness EvaluationKhatskevich, G. A.; Zmeeva, Y. V.
2007Teaching Survey Sampling at University of TartuLepik, N.
2007Technique of Statistical Territorial AnalysisYermalitskaya, A. V.
2007About Management of Probability Technological Process of Manufacture by Means of the Man-Machine Imitation ComplexMaksimey, I. V.; Goncharov, A. N.; Ezerskiy, D. N.; Klimenko, A. V.; Smorodin, V. S.
2007On Inductive Construction of the Prospector–Like Knowledge BasesChistiakov, S. P.
2007On Evaluation of Conditional Expectations of Some Class Random FunctionalsEgorov, A. D.
2007On Data Analysis and Modeling in Imaging SystemsPorat, M.
2007A Rating Algorithm in University ManagementLialikova, V. I.
2007Use of Simultaneous Equations Systems in Inflation Processes ModelingSakovich, N. K.