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2015Online bin stretching with bunch techniquesGabay, M.; Kotov, V.; Brauner, N.
2019О некоторых проблемах оптимального управления в реальном времени линейными стационарными системамиГабасов, Р.; Кириллова, Ф. М.
2019Analysis of a semi-open queuing network with a state dependent marked Markovian arrival process, customers retrials and impatienceKim, C.; Dudin, S.; Dudin, A.; Samouylov, K.
2019Cluster-separated classification approach for gene expression analysisAtliha, V.; Sergeev, R.; Sesok, D.
2019Graphics pipeline evolution: Problems and solutionsShakah, G.; Alkhasawneh, M.; Krasnoproshin, V.; Mazouka, D.
2019Fast-Sec: an approach to secure Big Data processing in the cloud.Anjos, J. C. S. D.; Galibus, T.; Geyer, C. F. R.; Fedak, G.; Costa, J. P. C. L.; Pereira, R.; Freitas, E. P. de
2019Modeling of acetylene detonation in a shock tube by the large particle method with TVD correctionKozlov, I. M.; Misyuchenko, N. I.; Teterev, A. V.
2019A simple approximation to bias in the genetic effect estimates when multiple disease states share a clinical diagnosisLobach, I.; Kim, I.; Alekseyenko, A.; Lobach, S.; Zhang, L.
2019Non-isothermal motion of viscous fluid layer on outer surface of horizontal rotating cylinderKonon, P. N.; Shkadov, V. Y.; Zhuk, A. V.
2019On the movement of two layers of viscous liquids on the outer surface of a horizontal rotating cylinderKonon, P. N.; Ermolenko, A. I.
2019Influence of Control Parameters and the Size of Biomedical Image Datasets on the Success of Adversarial AttacksKovalev, V.; Voynov, D.
2019Queueing network with moving servers as a model of car sharing systemsKim, C.; Dudin, S.; Dudina, O.
2019Optimization of queueing model with server heating and coolingDudina, O.; Dudin, A.
2019A simple approximation to the bias of gene–environment interactions in case–control studies with silent diseaseLobach, I.; Sampson, J.; Lobach, S.; Alekseyenko, A.; Piryatinska, A.; He, T.; Zhang, L.
2019Integrable Systems in Four Dimensions Associated with Six-Folds in Gr(4, 6)Doubrov, B.; Ferapontov, E.V.; Kruglikov, B.; Novikov, V.S.
2019Improved upper bounds in clique partitioning problemBelyi, A.B.; Sobolevsky, S.L.; Kurbatski, A.N.; Ratti, C.
2019Bunch technique for semionline with two groups of itemsKotov, V.M.; Bogdanova, N.S.
2018General parametric scheme for the online uniform machine scheduling problem with two different speedsDolgui, A.; Kotov, V.; Nekrashevich, A.; Quilliot, A.
2018On integrability in Grassmann geometries: integrable systems associated with fourfolds in Gr(3,5)Doubrov, B.; Ferapontov, E. V.; Kruglikov, B.; Novikov, V. S.
2018Thermomagnetic convection in a cylindrical enclosure. Part 1: Zero gravityKrakov, M.S.; Nikiforov, I.V.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1286