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2014new results of nucleon resonances studies in photo and electroproduction of charged pions in clasIsupov, E. L.; Burkert, V. D.; Gothe, R. W.; Golovach, E. N.; Ishkhanov, B. S.; Mokeev, V. I; Skorodumina, Y. A.; Fedotov, G. V.
2014Recent results on п+ п- electroproduction off protonsFedotov, G. V.; Burkert, V. D.; Gothe, R. W.; Mokeev, V. I.; Ishkhanov, B. S.
2014Cross sections of the reaction 115 In (γ,γ) 115mIn in the E1 giant resonance regionDzhilavyan, L. Z.
2014Measurement of the reaction rates in 232 Th samples irradiated by 4 GeV deuterons and secondary neutronsAdam, J.; Haysak, I.; Vrzalova, J.; Zavorka, L.; Kish, Yu. V.; Solnyshkin, A. A.; Tyutyunnikov, S. I.; Khushvaktov, J.; Tsoupko-Sitnikov, V. M.; Chilap, V.
2014п+ п- p electroproduction off the bound proton in resonance region with clasSkorodumina, Iu. A.; Burkert, V. D.; Fedotov, G. V.; Golovach, E. N.; Gothe, R. W.; Ishkhanov, B. S.; Isupov, E. L.; Mokeev, V. I.
2014Study of progectile fragmentation of 40Ar on 9Be target at 40*A MeVErdemchimeg, B.; Mikhailova, T. I.; Artyukh, A. G.; Toro, M. Di.; Sereda, G. Yu. M.; Wolter, H. H.
2014New approach to folding with the coulomb wave functionBlokhintsev, L. D.; Kadyrov, A. S.; Mukhamedzhanov, A. M.; Savin, D. A.
2014Analytic representation of the amplitude of multi-particle coulomb breakupIlyin, A. P.
2014The phenomenon of diffraction rise of cross sections in the forward hemisphere of angles as the effect of nuclear and cluster interferenceGridnev, K. A.; Dyachkov, V. V.; Yushkov, A. V.
2014Nuclear gluon distribution at small x from photoproduction of J/ψ in ion ultraperipheral collisions at the lhcGuzey, V. A.; Zhalov, M. B.