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2013Markov properties of gaps between local maxima in a sequence of independent random variablesKhil, Elena V.
2013Modelling of equilibrium economic dynamics in global system of export-import cooperationNovikov, M. M.
2013Pair change points of the triplet periodicity of genesKorotkov, E. V.; Korotkova, M. A.; Suvorova, Y. M.
2013Decision-making during computer simulationMakarova, E. S.; Buloychik, V. M.
2013A stochastic reshapable contour model for microscopic image segmentationKovalev, V. A.; Alilou, M.
2013Econometric models of the impact of macroeconomic processes on the stock market in the baltic countriesRudzkis, R.; Uzdanaviciute, R.
2013Investigation of the maximum likelihood estimator of intrinsic dimensionalityKarbauskait'e, R.; Dzemyda, G.
2013Income forecasting in the hm-network with time-dependent parametersKosareva, E. V.
2013On statistical estimation of parameters for poisson conditional autoregressive model by space-time dataKharin, Yu. S.; Zhurak, M. K.
2013On hypothesis testing for regression model under classification of dependent variableAheyeva, H.
2013About data analysis in nonparametric identification problemChzhan, E. A.; Korneeva, A. A.; Sergeeva, N. A.
2013On statistical analysis of embedding in binary markov chainVecherko, E. V.
2013Identification of nonlinear dynamical systems under conditions of little a priory informationKoplyarova, N. V.; Sergeeva, N. A.
2013Ew inequalities for the binomial law and for the total variation distance between iid samplesZubkov, A. M.
2013Hypotheses testing for binary sequences obtained by the neumann transformMenshenin, D. O.; Zubkov, A. M.
2013On the number of subfunctions of random boolean function which are close to the affine functions setSerov, A. A.
2013Multifactor models of term structure of yield for zero coupon bondsMedvedev, G. A.
2013Modeling the relationship of the quality of life and the investment attractiveness in grodno regionLialikova, V. I.; Khatskevich, G. A.
2013Individual stock volatility modeling with garch–jumps model augmented with news analytics dataSidorov, S. P.; Date, P.; Balash, V. A.; Faizliev, A. R.; Korobov, E.
2013Introduction of modern methods of dissemination of statistical informationYermalitskaya, E. V.