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2021. Alien species of animals, fungi and plants in Belarus and neighboring countries : [57] Collection home page


The scientists’ materials presented are devoted to modern aspects of faunal, florial and fungal research, and monitoring and ecology of alien and invasive species in Belarus and neighboring countries.

The materials are intended for researchers, university lecturers, graduate students, and students of specialized educational fields. The authors of each paper are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information presented, correctness of the citation sources, statistical, personal and other data given in the articles.

Alien species of animals, fungi and plants in Belarus and neighboring countries : Book of Abstracts of the 1 st International Scientific Conference, Minsk, Belarus, March 23, 2021 / Belarusian State University ; D. G. Zhorov [et al.] (eds.). – Minsk : BSU, 2021. – 119 p.

Editorial board:

Ph. D. D. G. Zhorov (Editor-in-Chief); D. Sc. S. V. Buga; D. Sc. V. P. Semenchenko; Ph. D. A. Petrašiūnas; Ph. D. A. P. Kolbas; Ph. D. B. V. Adamovich; Researcher A. V. Sinchuk

English language editors:

Translator Y. I. Shelamova, Ph. D. student N. V. Sinchuk

ISBN 978-985-881-255-3

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Alien and potentially invasive species of phytopathogenic fungi and oomycetes in plant communities of BelarusPoliksenova, V. D.; Khramtsov, A. K.; Lemeza, N. A.; Sidorova, S. G.; Stadnichenko, M. A.
2021Invasive species of true bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) on the territory of BelarusLukashuk, А. О.
2021Invasive species of terrestrial woodlice in Europe. Prospects for researching woodlice in BelarusLogachev, M. A.; Sinchuk, A. V.
2021Alien species of sucking insects damaging larch (Larix Mill.) In BelarusKovalev, Ya. V.; Yakovchik, F. G.; Buga, S. V.
2021Using different methods for the control of invasive phytophages in the Brest regionKolbas, A. P.; Sinchuk, A. V.; Sinchuk, N. V.
2021First evidence of Planktothrix agardhii (Cyanoprokaryota) in the Ukrainian marine coastal waterTerenko, G.; Hushchyna, K.
2021Occurrence of leaf galls formed by gall midge Obolodiplosis robiniae larvae on black locust in green areas of Minsk and Lida (Belarus)Roginskaya, Yu. S.; Anacko, Yu. V.; Roginsky, A. S.
2021Assessment of the damage to leaf blades by Parectopa robiniella larvae in the Brest regionSinchuk, A. V.; Sinchuk, N. V.
2021Modelling the range expansion of pumpkinseed Lepomis gibbosus across Europe, with special focus on Latvia and UkraineTytar, V.; Nekrasova, O.; Pupins, M.; Čeirāns, A.; Skute, A.
2021Possible consequences of the invasion of the alien mollusk Arcuatula senhousia (Bivalvia, Mytilidae) in the Black SeaVarigin, A. Yu.
2021Ecological structure of phytophages-inviders complexes in urban green plants of the Grodno Neman River region (Belarus)Hliakouskaya, E. I.; Ryzhaya, A. V.
2021The occurence of invasive fungi Erysiphe flexuosa and Phyllosticta pavia on the horse chestnut in the Republic of BelarusTimofeeva, V. A.; Butko, I. I.
2021Taxonomic composition of Apoidea visitors of solidago inflorescences in different biotopes in MinskKoroteeva, D. O.
2021Dynamics of abudance and biomass of Oithona davisae (Ferrari F.D. & Orsi, 1984) in the Danube region of the Black Sea in 2016-2019Kharytonova, Yu. V.; Dyadichko, V. G.
2021Size structure of the Dreissena polymorpha population of Lake MyastroKruk, D. V.; Zhukava, H. A.; Adamovich, B. V.
2021Cryptic invasion or native speciation? The case of phragmites in BelarusTikhomirov, V. N.; Grushetskaya, Z. E.; Dzyuban, O. V.
2021The first finding of Spermothamnion strictum (Rhodophyta) at Zernov’s phyllophora field (Black Sea, Ukraine)Tretiak, I. P.
2021The first case of alien red algae Chondria capillaris in Odessa BayTretiak, I. P.
2021Halosiphon tomentosus (Ochrophyta) in the Dniester region of the Black SeaTretiak, I. P.
2021Records of the Dothistroma needle blight pathogens in BelarusDishuk, N. G.; Golovchenko, L. A.; Panteleev, S. V.; Baranov, O. Yu.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 57