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Title: Особенности жизни смешанных белорусско-китайских семей, проживающих в Китае (1990-2010-е гг.)
Other Titles: Features of the life of the mixed Belarusian-Chinese families, living in China (1990-2010) / D. Zubko
Authors: Зубко, Д. Г.
Keywords: ЭБ БГУ::ОБЩЕСТВЕННЫЕ НАУКИ::Социология
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Минск : РИВШ
Citation: Современная молодежь и общество : сб. науч. ст. – Выпуск 9. – Минск : РИВШ, 2021. – С. 115-122.
Abstract: В данной статье рассматривается семья в контексте с семейными традициями, поскольку они демонстрируют процесс адаптации; показаны особенности белорусско-китайских семей; рассмотрены белорусско-китайские свадебные традиции на современном этапе. Статья основана на полевых материалах, собранных автором на территории Китая в период 2017–2019 гг. Вместе с тем дополнительно исследовались интервью белорусов в средствах массовой информации, а также проводились формализованные и полуформализованные интервью по вопросам семьи и сва­дебных традиций.
Abstract (in another language): Intensive development of bilateral relations between the Republic of Belarus and the People’s Republic of China has led to the emergence of labor, educational and family migration of our compatriots to China. As a result of this movement, the conditions for the formation of the Belarusian diaspora were formed. The peculiarity of mixed families is the fact that they represent different national cultures, traditions, customs, languages, value systems, lifestyle, which can both bring together and create obstacles in the adaptation of spouses. In the context of migration, this becomes relevant, so the purpose of the article is to determine the peculiarities of adaptation of interethnic Belarusian – Chinese families in China. In this article, we consider the family broadly in the context of family traditions, since they demonstrate the process of adaptation. The objective of the research is to show the features of Belarusian-Chinese families, to consider the Belarusian-Chinese wedding traditions at the present stage. This article is based on the author’s field materials collected in China in the period of 2017-2019. At the same time, interviews of Belarusians in the mass media were additionally investigated, as well as formalized and semi-formalized interviews on family issues and wedding traditions were conducted.
URI: https://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/269561
ISSN: 2410-4213
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