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2019. Volume 22. Number 3 : [13] Collection home page

NPCS Vol.22, no.3 (2019), pp. 208-310

ISSN 1561-4085

Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Correction on “Spin Determination and Study of the A ∼ 100 − 140 Superdeformed Mass Region Using Three Parameter Empirical Formula”: ErratumShalaby, A. S.; Al-Amry, R. W.; Al-Full, Z.; Mahrous, E.
2019Induced Charge in Dense Magnetized Fermionic Medium at Finite TemperatureReznikov, E. V.; Skalozub, V. V.
2019A New Painlev´e-Integrable Equation Possessing KdV-TypeSakovich, S.
2019Approximate Formulas of the Second Order of Accuracy for Expectation of Functionals from Solution to Linear SDE in Skorohod SenseEgorov, A. D.; Zherelo, A. V.
2019Number Theoretical Views on Resonant Rossby Wave Triads: Graphs with Vertices on QuarticsKures, M.
2019Graphanalytical Model of Key Distribution in Networks with Dynamic ArchitectureKonoplev, A. S.; Kalinin, M. O.
2019Post-Quantum Primitives in Information SecurityAleksandrova, E. B.; Shtyrkina, A. A.; Iarmak, A. V.
2019A Model of High-Concentration Phosphorus Diffusion in Silicon with Account for Crystal Lattice Deformation and Formation of Negatively Charged ClustersVelichko, O. I.
2019Applying Homomorphic Cryptography Methods to the Development of Secure Big Data Management SystemsPoltavtseva, M.; Shenets, N.
2019Dynamics of Distorted Solitons in the Modified Zakharov–Kuznetsov ModelOmel’yanov, G. A.; Orozco-Casillas, G. A.
2019Spontaneous Magnetization of the Hot Quark-Gluon PlasmaMinaiev, P.; Skalozub, V.
2019Unification of Design Decisions on the Basis of Average Distribution of Probabilities and Introduction of Isolated Areas for Elements of Products Described by Structured Multiple ModulesBazrov, B.; Kheifets, M.; Popok, N.
2019Reactor Antineutrino Detecting Reactions and DetectorsGilewsky, V. V.; Satsunkevich, I. S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13