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Foundations & Advances in Nonlinear Science : Proceedings of 14th International Conference-School, September 22-25, 2008 = Основы и достижения теории самоорганизации : труды XIV Мжедународной конференции, Минск, 22-25 сентября 2008 г. / под ред. В. И. Кувшинова, Г. Г. Крылова. - Минск : РИВШ, 2009. - 134с.

Руководители группы реццензирования:

доктор физ.-мат. наук, проф. А. Л. Толстик; канд. физ.-мат.наук Л. Ф. Бабичев.


V.I. Kuvshinov, G.G. Krylov.

ISBN 978-985-500-258-2.

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009On One Property of Quasi-Exactly Solvable Quantum ProblemsKrylov, George
2009To the problem of absorption abilities of small mass extra dimensional black holes in the context of black holes production at the LHCTikhomirov, V. V.; Tsalkou, Yu. A.
2009Electromagnetic effects in central exclusive diffractive Higgs boson productionJenkovszky, L.; Satsunkevich, I.; Shoukavy, Dz.; Yanush, S.; Kokoulina, E.
2009Some Comments on Dynamical Character of Cosmological Constant and Generalized Uncertainty PrincipleShalyt-Margolin, A. E.
2009Rashba spin-orbit interaction in quantum ring with confining potential of finite depthKudryashov, V. V.
2009Effects of new physics and gauge theory construction in polarized lepton annihilation on ILCShishkina, T. V.; Andreev, V.
2009Frequency dependence of amplitude of nonlinear transverse waves in DNA moleculeNemtsov, V. B.; Kamluk, A. N.; Shirko, A. V.
2009Spatial instabilities of singular light beams in nonlinear cavityRomanov, O. G.
2009High Multiplicity Study at 70 GeV/cKokoulina, Elena; Roufanov, Igor; Kutov, Andrey; Ryadovikov, Vasiliy
2009Clusterization and spontaneous polarization in thin Lengmuir – Blodgett films with modified multi-walled carbon nanotubesHrushevsky, V. V.; Krylova, H. V.; Lipnevich, I. V.; Shulitsky, B. G.; Orekhovskaya, T. I.
2009Majorana-Oppenheimer approach to Maxwell electrodynamics in Riemannian space- timeBogush, A.; Red’kov, V.; Tokarevskaya, N.; Spix, G.
2009The Lorentz Group, Noncommutative Space-Time, and Nonlinear Electrodynamics in Majorana-Oppenheimer FormalismRed’kov, V.; Tolkachev, E.
2009On parametrization of neutrino mass matrixGilewsky, V. V.; Satsunkevich, I. S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13