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Foundations & Advances in Nonlinear Science : Proceedings of 15th International Conference-School, September 20-23, 2010, Minsk, Belarus / eds.: V. I. Kuvshinov, G. G. Krylov. - Minsk : Publ. Centre of BSU, 2010. - 162P.

Heads of the referee's group:

Professor Dr. A.L. Tolstik, Dr. L.F. Babichev.


V.I. Kuvshinov, G.G. Krylov.

ISBN 978-985-476-883-0.

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Study the signals of QGP using Monte Carlo for Pb+Pb for Energy from 500 to 2000 GeVBabichev, L. F.; Khmialeuski, A. N.
2010Chaotic instantons and ground quasienergy splitting in time periodic perturbed systemsKuzmin, A. V.; Piatrou, V. A.
2010Encryption algorithm designing based on the dynamic chaos methods with discrete mapsSidorenko, A. V.; Mulayrchik, K. S
2010On the Dynamics of the Mass Point with Internal Degrees of FreedomTarakanov, A. N.
2010Solutions’ matching method for simulation of power and dynamical characteristics of diode pumped Er-Yb laserBurov, L. I.; Krylova, L. G.; Krylov, G. G.
2010Electro-physical properties of cell monolayer on nanocomposite coating based on carbon nanotubes LB-filmsGrushevskaya, H. V.; Hrushevsky, V. V.; Krylova, N. G.; Kulahava, T. A.; Lipnevich, I. V.; Orekhovskaya, T. I.; Semenkova, G. N.; Shulitsky, B. G.
2010Nonlinear and nonadiabatic phenomena in Brownian motorsShapochkina, I. V.; Rozenbaum, V. M.
2010The cometary nucleusKuznechik, O. P.; Gorenkov, V. N.; Kuznechik, V. O.
2010On one approximate formula and its application to functionals on solution of stochastic differential equationZherelo, Anatoly
2010Study of polarized effects in Compton scatteringShishkina, T. V.; Bondarev, A. L.
2010Evaluation of secondary neutron number under a cumulative process in subcritical systems with multiplication factor Keff ≈ 0,95Rudak, E. A.; Yachnik, O. I.
2010Finite-Difference Time-Domain simulation of light propagation in 2D labyrinthine photonic structuresRomanov, Oleg G.
2010Multipole moments of gauge bosonsBoyarkin, O. M.; Boyarkina, G. G.; Makhnatch, V. V.
2010Quantum mechanical particle in magnetic field in the Lobachevsky spaceKurochkin, Yu.; Otchik, V.; Ovsiyuk, E.
2010Nucleon spin sum rules: higher twist coefficients extractionKhandramai, V. L.; Solovtsova, O. P.
2010One-Dimensional and Quasi-One-Dimensional Models of Quantum Waveguides in an External FieldBelov, Maxim; Krylov, George
2010Transitivity in the Theory of the Lorentz Group and the Stokes–Mueller Formalism in Polarization OpticsRed’kov, V. M.; Ovsiyuk, E. M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17