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The book includes Programme & Book of Abstracts of the 16th International Conference - School «Foundations & Advances in Nonlinear Science» (September 24-28, 2012, Minsk) and International Symposium «Advances in Nonlinear Photonics» (September 24-26, 2012, Minsk) The papers cover topics on fundamental aspects and modern state of art in such fields as self-organization theory, lasers and nonlinear photonics, astrophysics, quantum mechanics particle physics, nanoscience, biophysics and statistical mechanics.


Foundations & Advances in Nonlinear Science (16-th International Conference-School, September 24-28, 2012, Minsk, Belarus) and Advances in Nonlinear Photonics (International Symposium, September 24-26, 2012, Minsk, Belarus) : Programme and Book of abstracts. — Minsk : Publ. Centre of BSU, 2012. — 63 p.

Heads of the referee's group:

Professor Dr. A.L. Tolstik, Dr. L.F. Babichev.


V.I. Kuvshinov, G.G. Krylov.

ISBN 978-985-553-056-6.

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Light propagation in turbid media by phase-sensitive and phase-insensitive numerical methods: application to biological tissuesFanjul-Velez, F.; Romanov, O. G.; Ortega-Quijano, N.; Salas-Garcia, I.; Tolstik, A. L.; Arce-Diego, J. L.
2012Self-organization of polymetallic coordination LB-complexes of nanocyclic pyrrole-thiophene ligandsLipnevich, I. V.; Grushevskaya, H. V.
2012Cluster finding in silicon detectorsKolyada, A. M.
2012Miniaturized conformal printed antennas for wireless communication based on chaotic transceiver: design and comparative analysisUvarov, A.
2012Dielectric behavior of C6 rat glioma cell monolayer growing on CNT- and Ce- contained nanostructurezed LB-filmsKrylova, N. G.; Grushevskaya, H. V.; Semenkova, G. N.; Lipnevich, I. V.; Kulahava, T. A.; Orekhovskaya, T. I.; Shulitsky, B. G.; Veligura, A. A.
2012Spectroscopy of carbon nanotube complexes with oligonucleotides and DNA in thin LB filmsKrot, V. I.; Egorov, A. S.; Egorova, V. P.; Krylova, H. V.; Lipnevich, I. V.; Orekhovskaya, T. I.; Shulitsky, B. G.; Veligura, A. A.
2012Propagation of Gaussian and singular light beams in photorefractive crystal Bi12TiO20Kornienko, T. A.; Tolstik, A. L.
2012Local dynamics of the oscillators array in Scott experimentBobok, A.
2012Prospective side effects of the heat and mass transfers in microporous structure of char during intermediate and final stages of the high-temperature pyrolysisAlevanau, A.; Yang, W.; Blasiak, W.; Kuznechik, O. P.
2012Ones upon a Time in the Plane. The Wada Lakes and Vortex Streets Problems are SolvedSerow, Dmitry W.; Sivockon', Svetlana A.; Kowalew, Ivan A.
2012The control of chaotic regimes in encryption algorithm based on dynamic chaosSidorenko, A. V.; Mulyarchik, K. S.
2012Generalized Finser structures related to Mueller matrices within the Stokes formalismBalan, V.; Red'kov, V.
2012Dynamics of an equation with a large spatially distributed controlKashchenko, I.
2012Discriminating Z’ from anomalous gauge coupling signatures in e+e- W+W- at International Linear ColliderAndreev, V. V.; Pankov, A. A.
2012Complete-return spectrum for a generalized Rosen-Zener two-state term crossing modelShahverdyan, T.; Ishkhanyan, T.; Movsesyan, A.; Ishkhanyan, A.
2012Co-existence of bursting-cycles in impulse neuron model with delayMarushkina, E.
2012Bjorken sum rule analysis: revisedKhandramai, V. L.; Solovtsova, O. P.; Teryaev, O. V.
2012Some consequences from the Dirac-Kaehler theory: on intrinsic spinor sub- structure of the different boson wave functionsRed'kov, V. M.; Ovsiyuk, E. M.; Veko, O. V.
2012On one time discretization scheme for SDE of special typeZherelo, Anatoly
2012Operation with laser radiation by using of liquid crystal elementsKazak, A. A.; Tolstik, A. L.; Melnikova, E. A.; Komar, A. A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 92