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Title: Показатели окислительной модификации белков и липидов сыворотки крови при раке тела матки
Authors: Хотько, Е. А.
Принькова, Т. Ю.
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Минск : Изд. центр БГУ
Citation: Сборник научных работ студентов Республики Беларусь «НИРС 2012» / редкол.: А. И. Жук (пред.) [и др.] – Минск : Изд. центр БГУ, 2013. – С. 363.
Abstract: Malignant tumor growth is accompanied by changes of normal and abnormal metabolites in serum. The concentration of lipid peroxidation products – malone dialdehyde and protein carbonyl were analyzed in serum of 66 patients with endometrial cancer and 16 healthy individuals. The concentrations of malone dialdehyde and protein carbonyl were significantly increased in serum of patients with endometrial cancer compared to healthy women. The increase of the level of studied parameters in patients with endometrial cancer depends on tumor grade and tumor invasion in myometrium. The studied parameters of endogenous intoxication may have predictive value for diagnosis the stage of carcinogenesis and tumor grade in endometrial cancer patients
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/224783
ISBN: 978-985-553-139-6
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