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Title: Дрейфовая скорость электронов в высоколегированной подложке кремниевого МОП-ПТ
Other Titles: Electrons drift velocity in high-dopant substrate of MOSFET / A.D.Andreev, V.M.Borzdov, A.A.Valiev, O.G.Zhevnyak, A.M.Rusetsky
Authors: Андреев, А. Д.
Борздов, В. М.
Валиев, А. А.
Жевняк, О. Г.
Русецкий, А. М.
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Минск : БГУ
Citation: Взаимодействие излучений с твердым телом: Материалы III междунар. науч. конф., 6-8 окт. 1999 г., Минск: В 2 ч. Ч.2. — Мн.: БГУ, 1999. — С. 10-12.
Abstract: Рассмотрена зависимость дрейфовой скорости электронов от температуры в МОП-ПТ с высоким уровнем легирования подложки и показано, что в режиме насыщения тока напряжение насыщения много меньше эффективного напряжения затвора, а насыщенная скорость дрейфа увеличивается с увеличением температуры прибора. Дано качественное объяснение этого эффекта.
Abstract (in another language): The creation of the high-speed and low-dimentional integrated circuits on the basis of field-effect transistors (MOSFET) requires channel length reduction. There is a constructive requirement to increase a substrate dopant level to prevent through impoverishment in short-channel devices. Therefore research of high-dopant structures is necessary now. It is known, there is discrepancy of a drain current saturating voltage Vds and effective gate voltage Vg-V, in devices with channel length less than 1 pm. The similar effect was found out in devices with high doping concentration in substrate and channel length about 4 pm. However, this discrepancy was not so appreciable in short-channel devices and one was explained with the help of classical model Pao-Sah. On the contrary, in our case the drain current saturation voltage Vds is more than 20 times smaller then Vg-V,. It is obvious, that classical model is not capable to describe work of the high-dopant MOS transistor. As Vds < Vg-Vtl the drain current is saturated before suppression of a conductance type inversion in the nearest to a drain point of the channel, that gives the basis to suppose that electrons are transfered from a source to a drain on continuous way. On the assumption that the drain current saturation may be caused by drift velocity saturation, the experiment has been carried out, two methods of analytical drift velocity definition have been constructed and the numerical simulation on a Monte-Carlo method has been done. By means of each method the temperature dependence of drift velocity has been constructed. The received experimental data, the accounts and the numerical simulation show, that drift velocity of electrons increases with temperature in high-dopant MOS-structures. This effect does not occur at small concentration of an impurity in a substrate. The speed is saturated at magnitudes much smaller then 105 m/s in a high electrical field of drain area. The researches in this direction are being carried out to approach the creation of physical model of this phenomenon.
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/206530
ISBN: 985-445-237-9
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