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Title: Helium effect on phase structural changes in carbon steel under post-irradiation phase recrystallization
Authors: Reutov, V. F.
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Минск : БГУ
Citation: Взаимодействие излучений с твердым телом: материалы IV Междунар. науч. конф., 3-5 окт. 2001 г., Минск. — Мн.: БГУ, 2001. — С. 49-50
Abstract: In the present paper a new radiation effect related to thermally irreversible structural changes during post-irradiation phase transformation in a-particle irradiated region of the sample of the U7 steel [0.77; carbon) is demonstrated. The samples of the U7 carbon steel have been irradiated at the cyclotron with a-particles with energies of 29 and 50 MeV up to dose 1.5x10 cm"^ and with protons with energy of 10 MeV up to dose 2.5x10" cm'^ at temperatures not more than 100° С The results of metallography study of as-irradiated, annealed and carburized after full decarburisation samples allow to establish two important facts. First, the irradiation of the U7 carbon steel with high-energy protons and alpha-particles which results in formation of radiation defects and hydrogen doping leaves any structural changes invariant in the process of post-irradiation annealing at temperatures 400-1100°C. Second, due to post-irradiation annealing in the range of temperatures above the а-7-transition tennperature in the helium doped sample regions of the U7 steel observes thermal irreversible structural changes (perhaps phase changes too): the formation of fine-grained ferrite-pearlite structure with an essential superiority of ferrite phase portion. It might be assumed that the main reason of the observed effect: is thermally stable complexes of helium atoms and vacancies in the form of helium bubbles rather than radiation defects.
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/203841
ISBN: 985-445-236-0
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