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2015Molecular Beacon CNT-based Detection of SNPsEgorova, V.P.; Krylova, H.V.; Lipnevich, I.V.; Veligura, A.A.; Shulitsky, B.G.; Fedotenkova, L.Y.
2015Modeling of the behavior and statistical analysis of compressibility in the process of Langmuir monolayer structurizationGrushevskaya, H.V.; Krylov, G.G.; Krylova, N.G.; Lipnevich, I.V.
2019Application of geometrical methods to study the systems of differential equations for quantum-mechanical problemsKrylova, N.; Voynova, Y.; Balan, V.
2020Geometrization for a quantum-mechanical problem of the spin 1 particle with anomalous magnetic moment in the Coulomb fieldKrylova, N.G.; Voynova, Ya.A.; Ovsiyuk, E. M.; Balan, V.
2020Application of geometrical methods to study the spin 1 particle with electric quadrupole moment in the Coulomb fieldKrylova, N.G.; Voynova, Ya.A.; Ovsiyuk, E. M.; Balan, V.
2020A single-molecule label-free identification of single-nucleotide colorectal-cancer-DNA polymorphism using impedance spectroscopy of self-redox-active decorated carbon nanotubesEgorova, V.P.; Grushevskaya, H.V.; Babenka, A.S.; Chakukov, R.F.; Krylova, N.G.; Lipnevich, I.V.; Vaskovtsev, E.V.
2020Vector particle with electric quadrupole moment in external Coulomb fieldKoralkov, A.; Voynova, Ya.; Krylova, N.; Ovsiyuk, E.; Balan, V.
2020Nanopore-Penetration Sensing Effects for Target DNA Sequencing via Impedance Difference Between Organometallic-Complex-Decorated Carbon Nanotubes with Twisted Single-Stranded or Double-Stranded DNABabenko, A. S.; Grushevskaya, H. V.; Krylova, N.G.; Lipnevich, I.V.; Egorova, V. P.; Chakukov, R. F.
2020Phase transitions in geometrothermodynamic model of charged generalized-NUT black holesGrushevskaya, H. V.; Krylova, N.G.
2020Адиабатический рэтчет-эффект в системах с дискретным изменением переменныхРозенбаум, В.М.; Шапочкина, И.В.; Трахтенберг, Л.И.
2020Clustering Artificial Atoms Induced by High-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation in Graphene Monolayers of Multiwalled Carbon NanotubesGrushevskaya, H. V.; Timoshchenko, A. I.; Avdanina, E. A.; Lipnevich, I. V.
2020Electronic properties of twisted bilayer graphene in high-energy k p-Hamiltonian approximationH. V., Grushevskaya; G. G., Krylov; H.-Y., Choi; S. P., Kruchinin
2020Geometrothermodynamics of interface domain structures in phase transitions on 5-dimensional contact statistical manifold with pseudo-Finsler metricH. V., Grushevskaya; N. G., Krylova; G. G., Krylov; V., Balan
27-Jul-2020Non-Abelian Properties of Charge Carriers in a Quasirelativistic Graphene ModelH. V., Grushevskaya; G. G., Krylov
8-Feb-2020Vortex Dynamics of Charge Carriers in the Quasi-Relativistic Graphene Model: High-Energy kp ApproximationH. V., Grushevskaya; G. G., Krylov
2020Влияние внешнего электростатического поля на горение уротропинаЗур, И. А.; Федотов, А. С.
2020Amplification of Electrostriction Mechanism of Photoacoustic Conversion in Layered MediaGrigory, Knyazev; Daria, Ignatyeva; Ivan, Sopko; Vladimir, Belotelov; Oleg, Romanov
8-Nov-2019Vortex dynamics of charge carriers in the quasirelativistic graphene model : high-energy k⃗ ⋅p⃗ approximationGrushevskaya, H.V.; Krylov, G.G.
2019Two-dimensional first-order phase transition as signature change event in contact statistical manifolds with Finsler metricBalan, V.; Grushevskaya, H.V.; Krylova, N.G.; Krylov, G.G.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27