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2012. Volume 15. Number 4 : [11] Collection home page

NPCS Vol.15, no.4, pp. 312-415 (2012)

ISSN 1561 - 4085

Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Understanding Electrical and Optical Modulation Properties of Semiconductor Quantum-Dot Lasers in Terms of Their Turn-On DynamicsLiidge, Kathv; Lingnau, Benjamin; Otto, Christian; Seholl, Eckehard
2012Identification of Sneutrino s-Channel Exchange Signatures in R-Parity Violating SUSY at a Linear Collider with Polarized BeamsPankov, A. A.; Tsytrinov, A. V.
2012Dynamics of Lang-Kobayashi Equations with Large Control Coe cientGrigorieva, Elena V.; Kaschenko, Ilya S.; Kaschenko, Sergey A.
2012Modeling of Light Propagation in Turbid Media: Application to Biological TissuesRomanov, Oleg G.; Tolstik, Alexei L.; Fanjul-Velez, Felix; Ortega-Quijano, Noe; Salas-Garcia, Irene; Arce-Diego, Jose Luis
2012Generation of Optical-Terahertz Solitons in Quadratically Nonlinear MediaBugay, Aleksandr N.; Sazonov, Sergey V.
2012Comparison of One-Dimensional and Volume Distributed Feedback in Microwave Vacuum Electronic DevicesSytova, S. N.
2012Recent Insights about Solitons in Optical FibersMitschke, Fedor; Hause, Alexander; Mahnke, Christoph; Rohrmann, Philipp
2012Raman Threshold Lowering in Globular Photonic Structures Filled with LiquidsGorelik, V. S.; Kudryavtseva, A. D.; Tcherniega, N. V.; Voinov, Yu. P.; Orlovich, V. A.; Vodchits, A. I.
2012Nonlinear Dynamics of MicrotubulesZdravkovi´c, Slobodan; Maluckov, Aleksandra; Petrovi´c, Jovana; Zekovi´c, Slobodan; Kavitha, Louis; Satari´c, Miljko V.
2012Propagation, Interaction, and Instabilities of Optical Vortices in Resonant MediaRomanov, Oleg G.; Tolstik, Alexei L.
2012Random Perturbations in the Nonlocal Nonlinear Schr¨odinger EquationMaucher, F.; Krolikowski, W.; Skupin, S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 11 of 11