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The conference proceedings include the theses submitted at the VIth International scientific conference for young scientists, PhD students, Master’s degree students, and students "Actual Environmental Problems" in English, which was held in November 24–25, 2016 at the International Sakharov Environmental Institute of BSU.

The proceedings are referred to a wide range of experts, lecturers of higher and secondary educational establishments, PhD students, Master’s degree students and students.

Actual environmental problems: the proceedings of the VI-th International scientific conference for young scientists, PhD students, Master’s degree students and students (in English), Minsk, November 24–25, 2016/ ISEI BSU; edited by S. A. Maskevitch, S. S. Poznjak. – Minsk: 2016. – 220 p.

The general editorship:

Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, Professor S. A. Maskevitch; Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor S. S. Poznjak


N. V. Goncharova, N. D. Lepskaya, S. V. Petrenko, L. N. Moskalchuk, E. V. Alekseichik

ISBN 978-985-7170-30-2.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 177
PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016X-ray detectors used for signal detection in computed tomographyViarenich, K.; Makarevich, K.
2016Air pollution assessment of Pervomaisky and Pertizansky districts of Minsk using lichens as bioindicatorsHatskevich, A.; Ryshkel, I.
2016Immunophenotypic features of B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphomsSkrechko, K.; Shpadaruk, K.; Smolyakova, R.
2016Impact of purine nucleotides on a condition of systems of cyclic nucleotides in cells of immune systemRybachenok, D.; Puhteeva, I.
2016Breast cancer risk factorsMiller, A.; Malinovskaya, Y.
2016The features of malignant breast neoplasms in the Republic of BelarusBolotnik, V.; Gritsai, N.
2016The directions of improving of integration policy in environmental management in the Republic of BelarusLebiadzinskaya, Kr.
2016Pretreatment of biomass as method of increasing biogas outputVelichko, V.; Kulikovskaya, M.; Kundas, S.
2016To the question of the use of solar energy in the laboratory practice in physicsTkachenko, S.; Nizhnikov, A.; Malishevsky, V.
2016Environmentally friendly electric drive for bicycles and cartsNekrashevich, A.; Tonkonogov, B.
2016Integrated information system for analysis of potential of renewable energy sourcesMoroz, A.; Chemerevskiy, D.; Antonova, V.; Tonkonogov, B.
2016Parazitofauna of helminths of ungulate inhabitants of GKPY "Minsk zoo"Zhuk, E.; Melnik, M.
2016Greenhouse gas emissions from the peatlandsKonkova, V.; Narkevich, I.
2016Bariers of renewable energy deploymentKhotko, A.; Razumenko, A.; Kundas, S.
2016Energy evaluation of operation boiler JSC «peat briquette plant "Lidskij" with research of fuel based on "peat-willow"Ivanova, E.; Pashynski, V.; Butko, A.
2016Carriage of opportunistic bacteria into wild waterfowl in Minsk and Smolevichi districts of the Republic of BelarusGrinek, A.; Lyakh, Y.; Vostokov, E.; Fomchenko, I.
2016Ecological and historical aspects of trichinosis in Gomel regionDedkova, E.; Lyach, Y.
2016Foreign and domestic experience in the application of methods of radar sensing and radar coverage areas fieldBereshkova, E.
2016Energy efficiency of small hydro power plant onwater outlet of Minsk sewage treatment plantArtsiamchuk, S.; Pashynski, V.; Uzgorok, M.
2016Identifying the distribution of air pollution depending on the distance from the road by lichenoindicationZhuravkov, E.; Kapitsa, V.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 177