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1913On the Constitution of Atoms and Molecules. Part II : Systems containing only a Single NucleusBohr, N.
1913On the Constitution of Atoms and MoleculesBohr, N.
1916On the Application of the Quantum Theory to periodic Systems. By N. Bohr, Dr. Phil. Copenhagen; p.t. Reader in Mat hematical Physics, University of Manchester.Bohr, N.
1918On the quantum theory of line spectra, part I: On the general theory.Bohr, N.
1921Atomic structureBohr, N.
1922The structure of the atom : Nobel Lecture, Desember 11, 1922Bohr, N.
1927Diffraction of Electrons by A Cristal of NickelDavisson, C.; Germer, L. H.
1927On the Quantum Theory of MoleculesBorn, M.; Oppenheimer, J. R.
1928The wave mechanics of an atom with a non-Coulomb central field. Part I. Theory and MethodsHartree, D. R.
1930Atomic Shielding ConstantsSlater, J. C.
1934Note on an Approximation Treatment for Many-Electron Systems.Moller, Chr.; Plesset, M. S.
1935Some studies concerning rotating axes and polyatomic moleculesEckart, C.
1949Диффракция одиночных поочерёдно летящих электронов-
1950Electronic Wave Functions. I. A General Method of Calculation for the Stationary States of Any Molecular SystemBoys, S. F.
1951New developments in Molecular Orbital TheoryRoothaan, C. C. J.
1951Тонкая структура водородного атома. IЛэмб, У. Е.; Ризерфорд, Р. К.
1953Electron interferometerMarton, L.
1953Лэмбовский сдвиг для водорода и дейтерияСалпетер, Е. Е.
1955Изотопический эффект в атомных спектрахСтриганов, А. Р.; Донцов, Ю. П.
1957Electron beam interferometerMarton, L.; Simpson, J. Arol; Suddeth, J. A.