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Title: Спектроскопическое исследование молекулярной структуры 1-винилтетразолов
Authors: Гапоник, Павел Николаевич
Ивашкевич, Олег Анатольевич
Биба, В. И.
Науменко, В. Н.
Андреева, Татьяна Николаевна
Issue Date: 1990
Publisher: АН БССР
Citation: Весці АН БССР. Серыя хімічных навук. — 1990. — №1. — С. 55-60.
Abstract: The structure and intermolecular interactions in 1-vinyltetrazoles are studied by the 13C—lH—NMR and IR spectroscopic methods. The 1-vinyltetrazole (VT) molecules are shown to exist as an equilibrium mixture of S-cys- and S-^ms-conformers while in case of l-vinyl-5-methyltetrazole (MVT), the equilibrium is shifted to the S-q/s-conformer. The VT molecules in liquid state and in solutions of CDC13 are associated rather strongly which may exert the pronounced influence on the reactivity of monomers and properties of their polymerization products.
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/107302
ISSN: 0002-3590
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