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2015Application of two-photon absorption in PWO scintillator for fast timing of interaction with ionizing radiationAuffray, E.; Buganov, O.; Korjik, M.; Fedorov, A.; Nargelas, S.; Tamulaitis, G.; Tikhomirov, S.; Vaitkevicius, A.
2014Electromagnetic calorimetry on a base of lead tungstate scintillator at different temperaturesMechinsky, V.; Borisevich, A.; Dormenev, V.; Fedorov, A.; Korjik, M.; Kozlov, D.
2018Excitation Transfer Engineering in Ce-Doped Oxide Crystalline Scintillators by Codoping with Alkali-Earth IonsAuffray, E.; Augulis, R.; Fedorov, A.; Dosovitskiy, G.; Grigorjeva, L.; Gulbinas, V.; Koschan, M.; Lucchini, M.; Melcher, C.; Nargelas, S.; Tamulaitis, G.; Vaitkevičius, A.; Zolotarjovs, A.; Korzhik, M.
2016Feasibility studies of time-like proton electromagnetic form factors at P ¯ ANDA at FAIRFedorov, A.; Korjik, M.; Missevitch, O.; Panda; The PANDA Collaboration
2017Feasibility study for the measurement of πN transition distribution amplitudes at P¯ANDA in p¯p→J/ψπ0Fedorov, A.; Korjik, M.; Missevitch, O.; P ANDA Collaboration
2019Irradiation studies of a multi-doped Gd3Al2Ga3O12 scintillatorAlenkov, V.; Buzanov, O.; Dosovitskiy, G.; Egorychev, V.; Fedorov, A.; Golutvin, A.; Guz, Y.; Jacobsson, R.; Korjik, M.; Kozlov, D.; Mechinsky, V.; Schopper, A.
2016Luminescence rise time in self-activated PbWO4 and Ce-doped Gd3Al2Ga3O12 scintillation crystalsAuffray, E.; Augulis, R.; Borisevich, A.; Gulbinas, V.; Fedorov, A.; Korjik, M.; Lucchini, M.T.; Mechinsky, V.; Nargelas, S.; Songaila, E.; Tamulaitis, G.; Vaitkevicius, A.
2018Luminescent properties of binary MO-2SiO2 (M = Ca2+, Sr2+, Ba2+) glasses doped with Ce3+, Tb3+ and Dy3+Tratsiak, Y.; Korjik, M.; Fedorov, A.; Dosovitsky, G.; Akimova, O.; Gordienko, E.; Fasoli, M.; Mechinsky, V.; Vedda, A.; Moretti, F.; Trusova, E.
2019Multifunctional scintillation materials of the garnet structure for non-homogeneous detecting cells of electromagnetic calorimeters to operate in a harsh irradiation environmentDormenev, V.; Brinkmann, K.-T.; Dosovitskiy, G.; Fedorov, A.; Korjik, M.; Kozlov, D.; Mechinsky, V.; Novotny, R. W.; Zaunick, H.-G.
2019Nanoengineered Gd 3 Al 2 Ga 3 O 12 Scintillation Materials with Disordered Garnet Structure for Novel Detectors of Ionizing RadiationKorzhik, M.; Alenkov, V.; Buzanov, O.; Fedorov, A.; Dosovitskiy, G.; Grigorjeva, L.; Mechinsky, V.; Sokolov, P.; Tratsiak, Y.; Zolotarjovs, A.; Dormenev, V.; Dosovitskiy, A.; Agrawal, D.; Anniyev, T.; Vasilyev, M.; Khabashesku, V.
2015New detecting techniques for a future calorimetryAuffray, E.; Buganov, O.; Fedorov, A.; Korjik, M.; Lecoq, P.; Tamulaitis, G.; Tikhomirov, S.; Vasil'Ev, A.
2017Optical transmission damage of undoped and Ce doped Y3Al5O12 scintillation crystals under 24 GeV protons high fluenceAuffray, E.; Fedorov, A.; Dormenev, V.; Houžvička, J.; Korjik, M.; Lucchini, M.T.; Mechinsky, V.; Ochesanu, S.
2017Persistent luminescence in powdered and ceramic polycrystalline Gd3Al2Ga3O12:CeDosovitskiy, G.; Fedorov, A.; Mechinsky, V.; Borisevich, A.; Dosovitskiy, A.; Tret’iak, E.; Korjik, M.
2019Precision resonance energy scans with the PANDA experiment at FAIR: Sensitivity study for width and line shape measurements of the X(3872)Fedorov, A.; Korzhik, M.; Missevitch, O.; The PANDA Collaboration
2018Scintillation efficiency of binary Li2O-2SiO2 glass doped with Ce3+ and Tb3+ ionsTratsiak, Y.; Fedorov, A.; Dosovitsky, G.; Akimova, O.; Gordienko, E.; Korjik, M.; Mechinsky, V.; Trusova, E.
2017Significant improvement of GAGG:Ce based scintillation detector performance with temperature decreaseKorjik, M.; Alenkov, V.; Borisevich, A.; Buzanov, O.; Dormenev, V.; Dosovitskiy, G.; Dosovitskiy, A.; Fedorov, A.; Kozlov, D.; Mechinsky, V.; Novotny, R.W.; Tamulaitis, G.; Vasiliev, V.; Zaunick, H.-G.; Vaitkevičius, A.A.
2016Study of doubly strange systems using stored antiprotonsFedorov, A.; Korjik, M.; Missevitch, O.; The PANDA collaboration
2017Subpicosecond luminescence rise time in magnesium codoped GAGG:Ce scintillatorTamulaitis, G.; Vaitkevičius, A.; Nargelas, S.; Augulis, R.; Gulbinas, V.; Bohacek, P.; Nikl, M.; Borisevich, A.; Fedorov, A.; Korjik, M.; Auffray, E.
2019Technical design report for the PANDA Barrel DIRC detectorFedorov, A.; Korjik, M.; Missevitch, O.; PANDA collaboration
2021The scintillation mechanisms in Ce and Tb doped (GdxY1-x)Al2Ga3O12 quaternary garnet structure crystalline ceramicsKorzhik, M.; Borisevich, A.; Fedorov, A.; Gordienko, E.; Karpyuk, P.; Dubov, V.; Sokolov, P.; Mikhlin, A.; Dosovitskiy, G.; Mechninsky, V.; Kozlov, D.; Uglov, V.