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Заглавие документа: Short focal-length compound refractive lenses for x-rays
Авторы: Dudchik, Yury I.
Kolchevsky, Nicolai N.
Komarov, Fadei F.
Piestrup, Melvin A.
Cremer, J. Theodore
Gary, Charles K.
Pantell, Richard H.
Дата публикации: 2004
Библиографическое описание источника: Fourth Generation X-Ray Sources and Ultrafast X-Ray Detectors. - 2004. - 5194. - 56-61.
Аннотация: We have fabricated and tested short focal-length compound refractive lenses (CRLs) composed of micro-bubbles embedded in epoxy. The bubbles were formed in epoxy inside glass capillaries. The interface between the bubbles formed 90 to 196 spherical bi-concave microlenses reducing the overall focal length inversely by the number of lenses. When compared with CRLs manufactured using other methods, the micro-bubble lenses have shorter focal lengths with higher transmissions and gains for moderate energy x-rays (e.g. 7 – 12 keV). We used beamline 2-3 at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL) to measure focal lengths between 100-150 mm and absorption apertures between 90 to 120 µm. Transmission profiles were measured giving, for example, a peak transmission of 27 % for a 126-mm focal length CRL at 8 keV. The focal-spot sizes were also measured yielding, for example, an elliptical spot of 5 x 14-µm2 resulting from an approximate 80-fold demagnification of the 0.44 x 1.7 mm2 source. The measured gains in intensity over that of unfocused beam were between 9 and 26. Theoretical gain calculations that include spherical aberrations show that these values are reasonable. The micro-bubble technique opens a new opportunity for designing lenses in the 8-9 keV range with focal lengths less than 30-40 mm.
URI документа: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/20332
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