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2017Cardiac surgery interventions by heart rhythm and conductance disturbances in the organizations of the ministry of health of the Republic of BelarusLukyanova, Y.; Sinelyova, M.
2017Thyroid cancer morbidity in Pinsk region in 2009-2016Losich, N.; Tolstaya, E.
2017Immune indices and reactions of adaptationMarkachova, K.; Tolstaya, E.
2017Immunophenotype of peripheral blood and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with Parkinson’s diseaseLevkovskaya, A.; Talkovskaya, M.; Bojko, A.; Nizheharodava, D.
2017Multiple conformation states of human hemoglobinKulak, O.; Bokut, S.
2017Diseases of the digestive system as a medical and social problem in the Rebublic of BelarusKostyuk, V.; Dubina, M.
2017The analysis of epidemiological aspects of eye disoders morbidity of the child population of Novogrudok cityKutliakhmetov, I.; Dudinskaya, R.
2017Dynamics of bacterial and viral infections of respiratory tract in Slutsk regionLukashevich, A.; Kurepin, A.; Lemiasheuski, V.
2017The state of calcium metabolism in rat platelets in the nearest and long term after irradiationKugut, V.; Parhimovich, O.; Bulanava, K.; Lobanok, L.; Bichan, O.; Milevich, T.
2017Epidemiological features of the prevalence of overweight and obesity in BelarusKhacharhina, N.; Stelmakh, V.
2017Examination of the extent of the drug use among the youthMasalskaya, O.; Sinelyova, M.
2017The influence of pathology of the thyroid gland on reproductive health of womenLapushkina, M.; Kokorina, N.
2017Spectral microtomography using THE MARS-CTKrivetskiy, K.; Kozhevnikov, D.
2017Determination of gene expression of TS and TP for the assessment of drug sensitivity in colorectal cancerLyubushkin, A.; Smolyakova, R.
2017Prognostic significance of assessment of hormonal status in breast cancerMarchuk, I.; Smolyakova, R.; Shpadaruk, E.
2017Analysis of genitourinary infection prevalence in different age and social groupsKulich, K.; Sinelyova, M.
2017Psychological state of women with neuro-circulatory dystoniaKorotchikova, K.; Tolstaya, E.
2017Determination of expression of COX-2 and MMP-7 genes amoung patients with gastric cancerKovsh, A.; Shpadaruk, K.; Smoluakova, R.
2017Detection of molecular-genetic and immunological markers of herpes viruses in patients with a primary brain tumorMayerava, V.; Srukalova, I.; Gapeenko, H.; Viluga, A.; Smolyakova, R.; Grachev, Y.
2017Molecular genetic proliferation of metastatic melanomaMasliukova, V.; Smolyakova, R.; Shpadaruk, K.