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Title: Negative propagation of vector Bessel beams
Authors: Novitsky, Andrey V.
Novitsky, Denis V.
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: J. Opt. Soc. Am. A / Vol. 24, No. 9 / September 2007
Abstract: Energy characteristics of the superposition of TE- and TM-polarized electromagnetic Bessel beams are studied. For some phase differences between TE and TM waves the components of the Poynting vector vary in sign. We call this situation “negative propagation,” because locally the beam may behave like a wave propagating in the direction opposite to the conventional one. We predict the following phenomena, which should confirm negative beam propagation: reflection of the beam from a circular aperture and unusual movement of microparticles in the beam.
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/14683
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