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2009Transformation of Topological Structure of Optical Vortices upon Frequency Non-Degenerate Four-Wave MixingGorbach, D. V.; Tolstik, Alexei L.; Romanov, Oleg G.
2009Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulation of Light Propagation in 2D Scattering MediaRomanov, Oleg G.; Tolstik, Alexei L.
2011Lepton Pair Production in Hadronic Collisions by Two Photon Exchange in Weizsäcker-Williams Approximation.Satsunkevich, I.; Shoukavy, Dz.; Khilkevich, A.
2011Role of Target Mass Corrections to the Longitudinal Structure Function Fl.Lashkevich, V. I.; Solovtsova, O. P.
2011Influence of a Transverse Electric Field on Ballistic Quantum Transport in Narrow Waveguides.Belov, Maxim; Krylov, George
2011Polarized Strange Sea in the Nucleon.Timoshin, E. S.; Timoshin, S. I.
2011Thermooptic Coefficients of Nd-Doped Anisotropic KGd(WO4)2 Laser Crystals.Loiko, Pavel A.; Yumashev, Konstantin V.; Kuleshov, Nikolai V.; Pavlyuk, Anatoly A.
2011Estimation of Experimental Data Redundancy and Related Statistics.Grabec, Igor
2011Rashba Spin-Orbit Interaction in a Circular Quantum Ring in the Presence of a Magnetic Field.Kudryashov, V. V.; Baran, A. V.
2011Interaction of Active Galactic Jets with Dark Matter SubstructuresPoplavsky, A. L.; Kuznechik, O. P.
2011Reactivity Measurements in the Subcritical Booster Assembly Yalina Driven by Neutron Generator.Kiyavitskaya, H.; Bournos, V.; Mazanik, S.; Serafimovich, I.; Fokov, Yu.; Routkovskaya, Ch.; Sadovich, S.
2011Analytical Solution of the Equations Describing Interstitial Migration of Impurity Atoms.Velichko, O. I.; Sobolevskaya, N. A.
2011Polarized Effects in High Energy Photon and Electron Interaction in Linear Colliders.Shishkina, T. V.
2011Proton Form Factor Corrections in Hydrogenic Atoms.Andreev, Viktor
2011Weak Cross-Kerr Nonlinearity as a Resource for Quantum State Engineering.Kilin, S. Ya.; Mikhalychev, A. B.
2011Quantum Kepler Problem for Spin 1/2 Particle in Spaces on Constant Curvature. I. Pauli Theory.Ovsiyuk, E. M.
2011Internal Symmetry of a System of Three Dirac Fields.Pletyukhov, V. A.; Strazhev, V. I.; Andrusevich, P. P.
2011Bound States of a Particle in the Lobachevsky Space in the Case of the Coulomb-Like Barrier.Kudryashov, V. V.
2011Note Added to "Information Geometry of a Regime-Switching Model with Time-Varying Parameters".De Sanctis, Angela
2011Parabolic Coordinates and the Hydrogen Atom in Spaces H3 and S3.Red'kov, V. M.; Ovsiyuk, E. M.