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Title: Neogeodynamics phenomena investigation and computerized mapping in Belarus / A. Karabanov, R. Garetsky, R. Aizberg, T. Aronova, D. Kurlovich
Authors: Kurlovich, Dzmitry
Karabanov, A.
Garetsky, R.
Aizberg, R.
Aronova, T.
Issue Date: 20-Apr-2013
Citation: The current role of geological mapping in geosciences. NATO science series. Series IV : Earth and environmental sciences
Abstract: The solution of the several problems of neogeodynamics phenomena investigation and mapping was one of the main tasks of the IGCP project No 346 "Neogeodynamics of Baltic Sea Depression and adjacent areas". Investigations performed for the project resulted in a series of international geodynamic maps showing vertical movements at the neotectonic stage, bottom part of Quaternary deposits, recent vertical movements, tectonic stress, epicenters of earthquakes, Moho discontinuity, neotectonic zoning and so on (Aizberg et.al., 2001; Garetsky et. al., 2003). Hence, the water surfaces of the Baltic Sea and the east part of the North Sea, the southern part of Scandinavia, the German-Polish Depression, the Central European block mountains and depressions, western part of the Russian Plain and, partly the Carpathians, were mapped. Despite of, that was done in traditional manner without any digitization, the set of maps showing structure and its dynamics from the Quaternary capping down to the Moho surface fulfils requirements of the modern Information Technology, thus it may and can be computerized in follows of the GIS rules. That will enable authors to supplement project with the newest data, and restructure its visual appearance, in the attached presentation, authors review some problems of geodynamic researches in Belarus. Keywords: Neogeodynamics, structural pattern, stress field, geological mapping, seismicity
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/41001
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