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Title: Критерии определения меньшинства
Other Titles: Minority Definition Criteria (Natalia Katko)
Authors: Катько, Наталья Сергеевна
Keywords: ЭБ БГУ::ОБЩЕСТВЕННЫЕ НАУКИ::Государство и право. Юридические науки
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Международное общественное объединение по изучению ООН и информационно-образовательным программам
Citation: Белорусский журнал международного права и международных отношений. — 2001. — № 2
Abstract: The article considers the indicators used to determine whether any population group can be treated as a minority. The development of the definition of the minority is a greatly topical issue. At present, international law lacks the universally recognized definition of the minority. In this connection, determining of the main criteria could assist in defining a certain population group as a minority, and, consequently, whether it is subject to international protection, which would contribute to the solution of a number of critical issues related to minorities. Such criteria are: a quantitative one, a non-predominance criterion, possession of the citizenship of the state of residence, possession of stable ethnic, religions, linguistic and cultural characteristics; manifestation of an identity or "individual treatment". However, it should be stated that not every of the abovementioned criteria are absolute and, what is most important to stress, the absolutization of any minority definition will not lead to any universal definition. The investigation of criteria in the article lays foundation for the definition of the minority that could become a model of the concept of the minority: it is a population group within a state which is less numerous, compared to the main population group, and/or having non-predominant status, displaying stable ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural characteristics and willing to preserve its identity. Meanwhile, it is expedient to apply the minority concept both to ethnic and religious, linguistic and cultural minorities uniting them under the single term "a minority".
Description: Раздел - "Международное право", рубрика - "Вопросы теории"
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/29315
Appears in Collections:Белорусский журнал международного права и международных отношений. — 2001. — № 2

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