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dc.contributor.authorPashkov, Fedor-
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of the thesis is to summarise the theoretical aspects of the sphere of financial technologies and the development of innovative approaches to management of company assets and private capital on the basis of analysis of this sphere. The object of the study is the financial technology industry. The subject of the thesis is the implementation of financial technologies as a way of innovative development in modern business based on the example of the Italian startup company Fintech4i S.r.l. The relevance of the study: the results obtained in the thesis can be used in practice in different FinTech companies worldwide and in Italy, in particular, as proposed measures and recommendations for improving the services provided for asset and wealth management. In recent years, digitisation has revolutionised various sectors, from commerce to entertainment. The financial sector has only been touched in part, with the introduction of new communication channels such as the Internet and mobile banking. In the sphere of financial globalization, financial technologies are believed to become an important instrument for investments and savings both for companies and private clients. Automated asset managers, or robo-advisors, allow investing one' s savings without the need to rely on a bank. The automation of many processes and the use of algorithms bring considerable advantages. First, the ability to analyse a big amount of data. Second, automatic trading excludes typical traders’ mistakes based on emotions. In the framework of the paper the theoretical aspects of financial technologies have been analyzed, an example of Italian FinTech company which develops trading algorithms with different money management systems has been examined, and future approaches to asset and wealth management have been proposed, among them the importance of Artificial Intelligence and possible ways of collaboration between banks and FinTech companies. The author of the work confirms that provided in its analytical material is correct and objectively reflects condition of the under-investigation problem, and all the theoretical and methodological provisions and concepts taken from legal, literary and other sources are accompanied by references to their authors. As a result of the thesis it has been found that financial technologies represent a segment of the market, which is aimed at improving the efficiency of asset and wealth management, payment transactions, raising funds and other services; the Italian start-up company Fintech4i S.r.l. provides its services in the market of capital management and trading and implements new technologies for the achievement of its business ideas; new approaches to asset and wealth management have been developed, and artificial intelligence has been proven to be essential in order to increase trading efficiency.ru
dc.subjectЭБ БГУ::ОБЩЕСТВЕННЫЕ НАУКИ::Экономика и экономические наукиru
dc.titleFintech as an innovative Way to manage Companies Asset and Wealth: Master’s thesis / Fedor Pashkov; Faculty of Economics; Department of International Management; Scientific supervisor Serge Velescoru
dc.typemaster thesisru
dc.rights.licenseCC BY 4.0ru
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