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Title: Strengthening a new Branch of a multinational meal-kit delivery service Company through Development of efficient Processes and Systems in the supply Chain: Master's Thesis / Nupur Parekh; Faculty of Economics; Department of International Management; Scientific supervisor Lukin S. V.
Authors: Parekh, Nupur
Keywords: ЭБ БГУ::ОБЩЕСТВЕННЫЕ НАУКИ::Экономика и экономические науки
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: The present text explores different supply chain improvement projects with a major focus on Logistics, Procurement, Finance and Controlling, Product and Quality. All these projects were undertaken with an agreement of not using any company data to discuss/reveal major information and data very specific to the company. Hence, during the discussion of different projects in this thesis, all the data shown will just be considered as an example/idea to better understand the process and logic behind these projects. Albeit, data/figures/numbers shown for certain explanations can be hypothetical or publicly available. But every project explained was successfully implemented with proven results and analysis in the company. I would also like to point out that all the projects considered in my thesis focuses on kind of a ‘right-from-the-start’ system development as it is a newly opened branch of the company and every task in itself acts as a pioneer/base of system development. Which means, these projects are the foundation stone of system development and company’s future systems can be built based on these stones(systems). Logistics is one of the main aspects of a meal kit ‘delivery’ service company, especially when delivery costs comes into picture. A delivery company’s core is Logistics and it becomes very important to stream-line this side of Supply chain. Hence, one of the chapters in this thesis focuses on how a meal-kit delivery provider works on the process of price comparisons between different Logistics Partners and thereby choosing the best option considering delivery errors per postal code delivery. Leftover Management in a food company also plays an important role as there are so many factors such as food safety/wastage/quality/costs that should be looked upon. One of the projects focuses on developing standardized processes for Leftovers and Quality rejections. As in the ‘start-up’, you have to develop systems from scratch, this project gives an interesting yet very simple way to work on the Leftovers. For any company, QC is very crucial and another project on developing and improving a standardized QC process was taken up considering error analysis Improved QC process with an aim to control rejections within target through weekly analysis, incoming material inspections and dealing with the suppliers.
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