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29-Nov-2012Оценка влияния аппаратных и методических факторов на погрешность определения содержания двуокиси азота в столбе атмосферыБручковский, И. И.; Боровский, А. Н.; Демин, В. С.
2011Работы Степанова А. В.Степанов, А. В.
2012Ice fraction impact on modeling of the atmospheric super convection casesTabalchuk, T. G.; Barodka, S. K.; Krasouski, A. M.; Svetashev, A. G.; Turishev, L. N.
2016Dynamical structure and formation mechanisms of local ozone anomaliesBarodka, S.; Krasouski, A.; Lapo, P.; Svetashev, A.; Shlender, T.; Turishev, L.; Yakautsava, Y.; Zhuchkevich, V.
2016Impact of Stratospheric Ozone Distribution on Features of Tropospheric CirculationBarodka, Siarhei; Krasouski, Aliaksandr; Mitskevich, Yaroslav; Shalamyansky, Arkady
2015Studying the Dynamics of Non-stationary Jet Streams Formation in the Northern Hemisphere TroposphereEmtsev, Sergey; Krasouski, Aliaksandr; Svetashev, Alexander; Turishev, Leonid; Barodka, Siarhei
2013Employing the MAX-DOAS geometry in the process of retrieving a vertical profile of nitrogen dioxide concentrationBruchkouski, Ilya; Krasouski, Alexander
2013Dynamical Mechanisms of Ozone Anomalies Formation as Revealed by Global-Scale and Regional Simulations with PlanetWRF and CAM modelling systemsBarodka, Siarhei; Krasouski, Alexander; Svetashev, Alexander; Turishev, Leonid; Zhuchkevich, Veronika
2012Evolution and structure of ozone mini-holes: a mesoscale integrated modeling case studyBarodka, S. K.; Krasouski, A. M.; Svetashev, A. G.; Turishev, L. N.; Zhuchkevich, V. V.